Best building material and or color combos

Yeah that was also one of my thoughts was to look at other builds

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Don’t duplicate, innovate!

Saying that, I’m currently working on a build in various hues of taupe:p

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Well yes but duplicating is not what this means I talking color and or material combos then I can base my base after that

See what I did there :wink:

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I see what you did but not sure you saw what I said but that’s ok, because in the end it’s all about the…

For my latest small build (a mall shop renovation) I went with white bricks, white marble, white oortian marble, and cold tan foliage. Also used a bit of black glass.

In the end I lit it up with several colors of gleam. I posted some pics last night.

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here is a post with some links
can use this to see the way people use colours and materials when creating.
one useful tip is to gather a library of colour blocks and have a little test area to try things out.
can also use the public creative world for that if time etc prevents collecting.

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I’ve noticed marble and gleam work well

blocks, gleam, gems, soil

Color combination really depends on what kind of feeling you want - and personal taste. But there are some things you can take away from color theory, branding, and interior design.

  1. Reds/yellows are warm and inviting. These colors make people relax spend money. (Think of the fast food chains)
  2. Bright colors suggest energy and action.
  3. Pale/muted colors suggest luxury
  4. Ceilings lighter than floors make your space look bigger.
  5. Start with two primary colors and add a third that stands out/accents.

Other things I might add:

  1. Mix your materials. Add some wood or brick into your build for interest. I like refined lustrous on my walls.
  2. Plants!! Houseplants, potted plants, hanging plants, and flowers, make your build feel alive. Should leave some space in your city for parks/gardens too.

Best material is free material.
Best combo is natural planet colors.

I tend To use as much nature To my advantage as i can. Also this is cheap and fast as i can gather everything When i need them.

-big tree (house)
-little hill (nice storageroom)

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Do u think I’d get sued if I made my stores look like McDonald’s

Thats alrdy have been done… I think “Mckribb” had one…

Maluakrib… Whatever t6 planet = mckribb

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O I was wondering y everyone was saying McRib was on tnts t6 portal system

The best materials and colors are whatever you happen to have enough of to complete the build…

you might want a color, but if it doesnt spawn you cant want it into existence unless you are willing to burn some cash and roll some sovs.

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Unless u are 12 and are broke

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not sure if already mentioned, but dirt makes great wall / stucco texture - looks natural, less sterile than concrete, plenty of colors available, you can transform chisel it to add more variety. works very well with wood and it is dirt cheap :smiley: if you want to see it used, go to ‘Pyrr’ sovereign planet ( tnt sov wall)

EDIT : or if you are on pc, you can load the new multiverse sanctum on Testing (at least I think you can do that on testing, if not, never mind) there is dirt being used as a generic smooth texture in combination with various materials


Hm never tried it

OooOoO I hadn’t thought of this. I’ll def try it out.

the downside is that it has to be chiselled from the back, otherwise it has the natural wobbly edges and bleeding texture