Best building material and or color combos

Best material is free material.
Best combo is natural planet colors.

I tend To use as much nature To my advantage as i can. Also this is cheap and fast as i can gather everything When i need them.

-big tree (house)
-little hill (nice storageroom)

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Do u think I’d get sued if I made my stores look like McDonald’s

Thats alrdy have been done… I think “Mckribb” had one…

Maluakrib… Whatever t6 planet = mckribb

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O I was wondering y everyone was saying McRib was on tnts t6 portal system

The best materials and colors are whatever you happen to have enough of to complete the build…

you might want a color, but if it doesnt spawn you cant want it into existence unless you are willing to burn some cash and roll some sovs.

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Unless u are 12 and are broke

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not sure if already mentioned, but dirt makes great wall / stucco texture - looks natural, less sterile than concrete, plenty of colors available, you can transform chisel it to add more variety. works very well with wood and it is dirt cheap :smiley: if you want to see it used, go to ‘Pyrr’ sovereign planet ( tnt sov wall)

EDIT : or if you are on pc, you can load the new multiverse sanctum on Testing (at least I think you can do that on testing, if not, never mind) there is dirt being used as a generic smooth texture in combination with various materials


Hm never tried it

OooOoO I hadn’t thought of this. I’ll def try it out.

the downside is that it has to be chiselled from the back, otherwise it has the natural wobbly edges and bleeding texture

The white of Marble and any color of Gleam works well

And to add you gotta watch what atmosphere your in it greatly changes the color your using lol


I thought you are, like 6?


That’s been done already and 711 to lol

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Nice one cookie and if I was six I’d be a genius

We now need one on every planet lol

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Materials used don’t have to be expensive…
Sand, mud, soil, trunks, rock, ice, foliage (a bit harder to work with) are good blocks to create a texture in walls, ceilings and floors. Play with the blocks and try out.

Downside can be like @Apt mentioned you might have to chisel them a bit.

Combine block types/styles.

And to be on topic.

Most used colors are ashen blue and black.
Yes i use other colors but those are my most used. I do want to add atmosphere color can influence your color palette a lot… had to use hot orange on Lamblis to get a “brownish” color (gone now :wink:).

In all fairness this is basically if it’s about colors or building it’s on topic

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Most Used Color I use is Cold Berry with Houchus atmosphere it’s white anyways lol on other planets it has that pinkish tint :laughing:
But I use tons and tons of grass goes good with coldberry and all styles of gleam

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Using ashen blue mostly because it looked white-grayish on antarVI (perfect for sidewalks).
On lamblis :wink: because i have actually ss of ss of ashen blue. And with the right lighting its almost the same as on antar (except “mid day” outside to much green in the air makes ashen blue look green).

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