Best Planet to have #22 Shadow Red "POP" in a rock?

As the title states…want to roll a planet and was wondering which one MIGHT make it become available. Not that it will but figured I would ask.


New colors are totally random and takes lots of planet rolls.

random is random unfortunately. Best of luck, XxymoxX

Yeah I know it is random. Just thought someone might have an idea if a certain type of planet might tip the odds a little in my favor.


They’re not entirely random- it’s worth narrowing it down to something that has a lot more red(ish) shades like a burn or something. The higher the tier the more variance around the base palette.

Offhand I don’t remember anything other than tier and type that’s supposed to be affecting colors either.


Are you sure though? Are on fire planets not mostly colors set that are a little of contrast to the atmosphere? I just know on homeworlds are more red and orange colors than ive expected. Since i run through every planet as of lately… so far i didn’t visit the high tier though. Except for a glance

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This is what I thought. I don’t like it…burn/higher = lava/death. :rofl:

I hate lava planets. Also the last time I think I saw Shadow Red rock it was on an Umbris planet (could be wrong).

Any other thoughts from others are welcome.

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I think it was said that high tier gem planets provided the highest probability of new colors. I could definitely be remembering that wrong though. Maybe it was in reference to gleam only. :thinking:


Did you need Shadow Red Rock?

“Need” no…want yes. I really just want to unlock the color in a rock so I can build with it more. That being said if you have few SS I would not be opposed taking them off your hands.

Side note I did roll a T6 Burn…and did not open it up. :frowning_face:

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I’m not going digging either :rofl:

I’m fairly certain though, that it was not just about gleam. Each planet type has a basic palette, and as the tiers go higher, the variance from that palette in the world generator is allowed to increase a little more. And that would apply to all block types. I think every T6 type is a gem world?

Yeah offhand I can’t remember it being in any of the holiday worlds either. The halloween planet had the gleam I think but also had orange rocks like gloviathosa and many of the umbris worlds.

Too bad we can’t pick’em that high. If you want to play with some lower tier sovs you might have some chance (??? who knows) with a T3 like gyosha or glovi though.


IIRC, @Gorillastomp had a list of some of the planet palettes from the backer world generator or something. Maybe they can help :person_shrugging:

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i think there are few players with access to world generator, that was a perk from certain baker / founder tier

@XxymoxX wish i could help a bit more but this info is way back in my head. Some block can’t get all color from the world palette that we can generate for sovereign world.

Like the famous white rock color is mostly tied to t7 planet, i think it could happen in one type of sovereign world but the chance was like super super super low.

Dark redish color mostly happen on Coal world or Umbris… the highest chance whatsoever.
It could happen in T4 world aswell.

Take this with a grain of salt, i would need to refresh the memory about this.


This might help…


Yep there it is! I thought it was this type. 2020…me thinks it is time for another one like this… @Tiggs perhaps you can take care of this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks @kemyobra.

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really? we had exo with shadow red igne while i took a break?