Best way to earn experience right now?

Mine, craft shards or essence. Tho the shards and essence one would go faster if you have a good amount of extractors going at one time. Between crafting ornate chests and essence I leveled 15 times in 2 days of playing and it wasn’t very long I was actually on :sweat_smile:. And I only had 4 extractors doing essence. Problem with essence is how long it takes to do hence the it’s fast if you have a lot of extractors otherwise it’s not so fast.


Go 3x3 mining with a few teaching pies.

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Any tips on where to buy teaching pies, all the shops are different. Lol.

So many of the hubs are ghost towns…

you can use the knowledge tab to see who is selling pies, or just about anything else for that matter, you will have to hop from world to world since the information is local to the world only.

Find your favorite network hub, and go from world to world, looking at the info for each world until you find a price you like, then click on the line of the one you would like to buy, and it will mark it as a way point on your compass rose.

If the distance is to far for you to want to walk, you can walk in and out of random local portals in the network hub you are at, to see if you can find one that puts you closer to the location before walking to the location.

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Id try malls and markets. Gyosha, Trung and Trior have malls and markets.


I like mining too, but prefer starberry pies to keep going nonstop, + fast brews. Persisting pies if I want to save a little more coin on the hammers. Mining is quite profitable, and I find it very relaxing, just put on music and zone out. :slight_smile:


When I’m price checking I go to TNT to go from planet to planet since all you need to do is walk thru the portal and click the knowledge tab and all the planet portals are close to each other at TNT.

also note this is not a paid advertisement nor am I a ranked member in the guild. Just a happy user :sweat_smile:


Lies, lies, he’s happy user #2! :joy:


Thanks everyone. So much new stuff to learn. I feel like a noob again.

Also, how about this:

If you are just wanting a few levels yes mining is a great way. If you wish to power level, gleam farm and regen bombs are the raw xp fastest I’ve found. both with speed brews and teaching pies if your focused on leveling of course

Gleam farm then make gleam doors and chrysominter them. Or do what I do and buy metal ore, melt it down and sell bars for the same price (I absorb the fuel cost). Get xp and provide a useful service for people who want to save a little cash or are impatient :blush:

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Everything you just said, I wish more people would understand. It’s so difficult to convince people that their time is more valuable than their hammers are. But I can understand them being a bit skeptical when it’s the hammer salesman trying to tell them that, lol.

There’s a much much much much much faster method, it’s a bit expensive but also equally as boring. So I just stick to mining, I get the stuff I want + the levels.


That’s a good way to plug your shop wake lol

Excellent tools here mind and I’m sure he sells the pies too :wink:


Sorry for the necro but what is the faster method, and anyone know if t6 gleam is better than t5 for exp?

Gleam is the same exp no matter what tier. So T1 is the same as T6 for exp when it comes to gleam.


If you want to earn XP Take a gleam Farm thats T1 Like i ve one on Pharao’s Kingdom there are also Regen Bombs and Hammers If you Need .
And If you Don t Need the gleam because you Don n t craft Something White IT or refine them i could Set Up request basket s for IT.

farm gleam with low energy hammers + teaching pie = 320k+ exp /10 min , do that for 10 hours and ya got about 100 lvl ups , without counting the processing in lul


This is what I meant, I know about gleam farming and crafting with the gleam for more exp…