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THREE colors of GOO all on one planet? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and the caves have so many goodies!!! I love the caves on this planet :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:



It’s based on the rock color :wink: so there should be three everytime :grin:

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I usually run through them so quickly I guess I never noticed :confused:


Edit to add a couple more, cause who the heck needs sleep anyways? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit again: And one final one before I finally pass out here. :dizzy_face: :sleeping:

Been fun, y’all! Well, I’ll be back of course… :wink:


I’ve been thinking about this and I think it’s not meteor boxes, there should be more of them if it was. Lots of meteors on pretty much every planet all the time, why are we seeing just 3 oort (meteor boxes in this hypothesis) or something like that across the known worlds?

Less than two hours have passed, and all the new plants seeds are gone, it seems. :t

Whoever found the first one definitely used the atlas quite well, even if it started at <0.01%.
I wonder just how many actual plants were spawned from the start.

there was only one plant, and he gave me 3 seeds


One? That’s a very unusual amount, if there really was just one.

I do not know if someone else has taken any, I can only confirm that before picking it up, I used 0.01% and when I picked it up the resource disappeared

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Congrats on the find! :+1:

I wonder how much prestige it gives


is there any info on the tooltip ? can you send screenshot of it ?

the catch I send puts everything on the seed, it’s in Spanish, my language

Summary of plant translation:

A seed that gives prestige. Plant it in your Beacons to get prestige as your crop grows.

As much as i like someone found some prestige plants,but again… no info that it could be even possible spawn? Is this intented.
Cause what i know this shouldve been in next farming patch

don’t think so, i mean even the seed is grass seed image.

increase the seed in worked silty soil

Yeap. Saw that too…
The communication is really poor atm.

I’m afraid to try to plant it, there are only 3 seeds in boundless …

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