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Rest of the info translated (google):

Ancestor Leaf Seed


A seed that gives prestige. Plant it in your Beacons to get prestige as your crop grows.

Mint: 2c

Color: Crispy(crunchy) lime

requires crop planting: 5

matures in: 1 week

is fertilized with: high octane fertilizer

(the plant) likes: sunlight, gleam light

increased seed in: tilled silty soil (carved silty earth)

(some things are not translated perfectly)


Kinda ike the idea of discovering things for ourselves, rather than being spoon fed the information


Plus the seed itself doesn’t actually show up in the farming tab of the resources list.

I mean, if you don’t try to plant one, we wouldn’t find out if it works until the next exoplanet with any arrive. At least, if you did indeed get the only plant out there @Pikario

Though since it only does show “increases seed in” which isn’t in Spanish, maybe it’s indeed unintentional.


I would like to know if planting it and deciding to remove it because I do not like the site, the seed returns to me, but you are right, until I plant it I will not know what happens


I mean, it should, like every other crop does.


I know this has probably been asked a million times already but at which altitude can i find rough blink ?

Thanks in advance :wink:


As in they mint for 2 mil each?

Edit: m means c in spanish doesnt it… got a little excited for a sec


Low - I forget the exact range (long night haha :sleeping: ) but seems like I’ve seen it from mantle up to 25, maybe a bit higher than that, but I tend to stick around 15-20 or so.

Edit: Any reading need it for an atlas, I’ve got tons, happy to give away pieces, I’m going to turn in but shoot me a message if so, soon as I’m up again I’ll set up a free plinth somewhere with them if there is need.


Please put them in the minter to confrim. All 3, we need a good base for the test.


Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds

Yea the word they use is probably monedas. But I could be wrong as I’ve never used boundless in Spanish. I’d have to think to much :joy: 2nd language and all.


Yes, coin is moneda. 2 coin for seed


Couldn’t happen to a nicer person :smiley: Goodluck planting it. I’ll come check when I get a chance to log in


The wild ornamental being in world was a resource gen bug…

Feel free to plant it, though it is not it’s final form… eg prestige will change, and it actually wont spawn wild at all when released.

Please ‘dont’ put the seeds in an atlas as it may break later without migration work that’ll waste dev (my) time

Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds
Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds
Want to buy: one of the Deco Prestige seeds


someone missed a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Whereabouts on Arie do you have it planted? I’m curious to see how and what it grows up into. And congrats on your lucky find :slight_smile:


i had to leave some left over petrol behind, when I was there. I got surrounded by mobs and had to grab what I could and run.


Just what I thought was a pretty neat cavern…


Did it spawn just that one plant, then?