[Beta Cassi] --[Blast Tier 5 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


Found the Ancient Wood:


I hope they add one now when you all gone night nights lol :sleeping::sleeping::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


lol u funneee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As you can see in my vids, I usually run past everything though. I am not the collector you are looking for. Yoda-02-icon




it apears this world has no gleam. bcuz I can’t find any


It does indeed have gleam. I’ve found plenty through use of some regen bombs.

Don’t have coordinates though, since I’ve walked away a bit, but it was in a desert crevice.


coords are in pics


nvm i stoped care


I was on my way to bed when I saw it had spawned. The randomiser seems to be anti-EU! :smiley:


If people haven’t or maybe have noticed sense the farming update an exo has spawned for each server/time zone. Eu/aus/usE/usW. They seem to “spawn” in that server areas “peak” time. Aus planets have spawned at 2-4am my time a lvl4 lush world and a t7 world. EU has been the opposite (10am-1pm est) neither work for U S players either. We all lose out. At least the devs are trying to hit every time zones peak times



Has the goo been hard to find for everyone or am I just unlucky to be late to the party?

I found some but sjeesh took way too much time, found that odd…

Hopefully the next EU exo has goo and spawns at an EU appropriate time…


I was doing well on the Goo here yesterday, the hotspot regions are pretty large, hit a couple so far. I have been working pretty deep, in order to go after the metal and gems, just tunneling through and hitting caves. It is possible you hit an area I hit already though. :wink:

On the resin, I didn’t even specifically try for it this time even though I was on right away, I just wandered and figured if I found some I found some. Got a ton of glowing mushrooms though while exploring and screenshotting. Glad so many folks leave those! :wink: I haven’t been getting requests for resin lately and I’m not using it myself, and with the profit I’ll make on the other stuff, I’m going to do quite well. So I’d rather just relax and enjoy I figure.


Same for me, managed to find some small caves but nothing with decent amount. The % start low as well something like 2 %.


Shame tho, some nice colours!

Hopefully up next is an EU region goo planet!! The Beta planet was a pain at times with the connection…

Fun fact: on PC over the same connection I have way less issues!



I’d love a few if you still got some goos left. I couldn’t find any on my trip there.


I found most of mine on the surface underneath the big rock structures. I only got about 200-300 dark lilac, 100ish warm violet and 80ish dark violet tho before i left


Oh, only huh? I got 3, 3 & 30,lol


Sure thing! :slight_smile: I should be on late this afternoon EST, when I’m back I’ll hide a plinth and PM you the location!