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Yikes lol, yea check the rock structures. One thing I noticed is since they’re so high the dark colors are very hard to see from below, at least on my tv. I only saw them because the warm violet has a nice glow. Though its possible they’re wiped out on the surface by now


The caves are way more compact, I didn’t find any of the huge cavern ceilings with tons of spawns like many exos have. I didn’t really try many of the rock structures floating on the surface, though.


<3 Thank you.


Gleam spot with 29 or so here… I see a few other ones scattered around but haven’t checked them yet.

Edit: 37 actually in there, and does appear to be the best spot in that area from the ones I hit.


Ah ha now I know who got the goo :rofl::rofl:

I lost the will to carry on looking ended up getting lots glow shrooms !!


Yeah you’re right they totally do that! Fun for the US East people who have a new exo pop one hour ago which was at their peak time of, ehhh checking timezone difference to be sure, 7am their local time!

They probably set their alarm early so they can put in an hour or two before work huh?


I’m sorry, I really really could not resist my self!

Thing is tho that lately they just seem to pop whenever without any regard to timezones nor peak times which I had noticed.
I agree tho there were moments they seem to have set times for it so most people could benefit but lately it changed…

Then again, someone did ask for this :wink: