Betep I - Wasted Worlds

So, I spawned a sovereign planet a few days ago. I haven’t even looked I’m not sure how many days. It’s going to die.

I went to it the night I spawned it and spent about a half hour there, I never even placed a beacon. It’s a hot mess of a T6 called Betep or something. I just remembered it :rofl:

Anyways, if someone has a use for a couple weeks of a sov I have a planet and I don’t know what’s good on it but if you need to color farm from T6 I could open it up.


hey Nightstar, i gladly take peek at your wiorld, still love farming new colors :slight_smile: open it please :smiley: and tell the whole proper name of this world or tell the nearest planet to look for it at sky


Alll the way to Norkyna.

Nork Nork Nork (say it out loud) :alien:

Betep I

Fully public now but the colors are not locked. If people request colors I’ll set them and lock them in.

It’s t6 though so meh on block farming. I opened it fully so you should be able to mine without clutter.

It’s got a nice resource list actually but I’m not sure if it’s actually any good in quantity or composition as, noted above, I don’t really like it :rofl:

I opened a portal at TNT Nork. Apologies I forgot I had to unlock it before people could even go.

EDIT: If you want the flower colors and such drop a post and I’ll lock them. As noted IDK any reason to block farm.


thanks for info, ill check later today if there is anything worth farming for me, for sure ill check gravel, sand, mud, tangles, thorns, flowers, boulders, rocks and foliages :slight_smile: trunks also if there is something i dont have :smiley: love exploring :smiley:

The flowers and stuff won’t change first time but if you want rock or other block colors let me know because I can set them to what you want.

I can set flower colors but you have to harvest and wait for regen to get the new colors.

well, do you have gleamball biome at your exo? its all i found

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gleam color - Strong Cerulean - is at farm in TNT gleam hub

there is a few colors ill farm for sure, i ran from N to S and didnt find gleamballs so aparently no gleamballs biome gere, but you can change colors after 2 weeks right? so finalize this world as it is and after 2 weeks ill tell if there is any need for other colors, seems ok for you?

I’m on my way to bed but stopped by the forum. I can come click this before I sleep.

I think it’s three weeks to change colors but I’m not sure if that’s from when the planet started or when I set them.

EDIT: It’s set and it looks like the color change is from the planet start date


I’m not sure how much oort is in that portal, either. I logged out already before I remembered to check…

you really dont need to set portal, i warped from sanctum once i shot warp totem from Norkyna, it cost 100 coins from Nork so if i want to farm i just use tnt portal to nork, go to sanctum and use portal to sov :slight_smile: fast and easy and dont cost you shards :slight_smile: as about portal, closest planet is nork its 1 blinksec from nork so it cost 1 shard per hour for 1x2 portal right? but since im only 1 to farm at your sov i dont require portal :smiley:

Today I set colors

No night azure foliage?

  • Strong Azure Lush

  • Azure Exotic

  • Deep Azure Waxy

  • 3 stone types Night Azure

  • Cool Azure ice

  • Strong Azure Glacier

  • Night Azure Gleam

If Present

  • Night Azure tangle

  • Night Azure thorns

  • Night Azure mold

  • Azure growth

  • Oxide Azure sponge

  • Night Azure sand

  • Black gravel

  • Night Azure Mud, 3 soil types, ash

  • Night Azure grass, 3 types

  • Night Azure Ancient trunk

  • Strong Azure Twisted trunk

  • Night Azure Lustrous trunk

  • all plants and flowers to azure variants, night azure where possible.

thank you so much :smiley: im going to farm there from tomorrow morning :slight_smile: curious if anyone else want those colors :smiley: