Better Portal Sizes

So i havent played a lot with portals since the last server wipe, but now it seems that the amount of oorts required to keep the portal open is related to size, and i see no reason for it other than rendering issues with the console version!
Maybe im wrong but one way or another i think its very unfair, so my suggestion is to make different types of portals, so the size would be less limiting, for example make a minimum default size for portals, and the higher the distance the better quality warp conduits required.
In which case as example for each 6 blindsecs or so, the conduit would be better, maybe made from gems or other materials.
That way the dificulty would be the same if not harder, but the size of the portals would be consistent.


Thats interesting but my suggestion is more related to the size beign irrelevant, and create new types of conduits for longer distances. So the size can be the same in multiple distances as long as they are in the general minimum default size.
If the minimum size is 6 then i could make all my portals with 6 conduits but from different types as required by longer distances.


That’s a great suggestion!

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