Bi-Weekly Community Hunt - Dec 2nd @ 5 pm UTC


The Fire Cavern’s owners are hosting the a community hunt for everyone of all character levels this Saturday December 2nd 2017 @ 5 pm UTC

Here are the details:

Why is this happening?
Many people need Oort for their portals as well as experience and materials dropped from monsters. So a community hunt with many people is the easiest way to accomplish this goal. Plus it is a blast to have 40+ people running around killing things… We also use this time to test out various combat/spawning dynamics and give data back to the developers.

Additionally, while we handle all Oort shard needs for the Fire Cavern’s Portal Network that links all planets in the known universe it is very costly to maintain. We use the hunts to help fund this. We always do ask that maybe you could be generous and donate one or a few Oort stones to help cover costs to keep our portal network running (we are paying some coin for the Oort.) There is a request basket for this in the main portal network for your donations or give them to me.

Event Date/Time link for all time zones

NOTE: due to daylight savings time changes in the USA some time zones might be different.

Initial Meeting Spot - Fire Cavern’s Hunt Hub - The Shrine of Oort

How To Get There -

  1. Via the Fire Cavern’s Portal Network’s main room -

  2. Moebius Plaza at Therka Market -

Equipment Needed -

Everyone should bring:

  1. A couple Slingbows of whatever choice you prefer to carry to help kill the mobs.
  2. Some cooked meat, berries, or healing potions for your health needs.
  3. A grapple just incase you need it even though we won’t be putting you in areas that have crazy terrain.
  4. LOTS AND LOTS of free inventory space for all the goodies that drop.

Discord -

We will be joining the Boundless Discord channel and using the Great Hunt voice channel if you wish to chat with us.

Who owns the Fire Caverns Portal Network

Xaldafax, 142857, and Reapall.

Additional Notes -

If you wish to bring other supplies for the community to help people (extra Slingbows / Food / etc.) please do…

If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments let us know…



See everyone in just over 24 hours! Monsters beware!


See you all in 1.5 hrs. If you see people online mention the hunt and where to meet (The Shrine of Oort) so everyone is aware just in case they didn’t see the forum.

We will also be on discord hunt voice channel. You can join there with no expectation to speak but at least hear the group so it is easier to stay in touch.


Thank you everyone that showed. We started with 22 people and were able to keep most of everyone through the first hour. The second hour was about 15 as we had a nice walk and kill across Munteen!

@james and the developers here is some consistent feedback from the group on discord comparing the first 2 hunts with the last 2 hunts:

  1. Wildstock need a better loot drop table. They are one of the hardest groups to kill and can kill you the easiest in a hunt type setting. Yet don’t really drop very useful stuff. If the drops were better people would not mind fighting a group of 6+. Right now people almost want to ignore them because the risk/reward isn’t balanced.

  2. The rework of spawn rates after the first hunts have certainly hurt the fun factor. We no longer go through portals to find large gathering of monsters. In fact most portals end up in an empty zone that requires us to walk around to create a spawn. And even when that happens the number spawned are not equal to the number of people in the group. 20+ people should not create a spawn of 3-4 mobs. This continuous spawning that happens is nice but it still does not equal the number of people and can be boring since its spread out over time versus a large group at once.

  3. Hoppers cannot be found in any biom as a normal spawn. While they are dangerous we didn’t see many on this hunt.

  4. Cuttles are too rare. We determined that they spawn most in tree areas or on the sides of hills. But still the numbers were very low with only 3 or so mid tier. Very few level 5 showed throughout the hunt.

  5. Spitters were showing but the numbers were too low. The balance is off in that on starter worlds spitters are attacking you in groups of 4-6 but on harder worlds we see 1 or 2 from time to time.

  6. Wildstock are too popular compared to all other mobs. We see them everywhere in their herds but never herds of other mobs.

  7. Spawn rates should definitely be based on the hunting groups numbers. Also wild areas should have harder mobs while areas near towns should not have so many mobs.

  8. Overall the group did agree that if there was just MORE mobs based on the size of our group with a little better loot tables the hunts would be fun. While it is still not as fun as going through a portal and having 20 monsters to deal with, we do understand that those first 2 hunts people were dying a lot very quickly after going through the portal and maybe the development team didn’t want that.

  9. On a last note, if a new world existed that was very hard people would be fine with that assuming that hunting groups can go there. But they don’t want worlds we visit a lot with towns on them too be too hard unless it is clearly in the wild areas.

I did not keep an exact count of drop rates but clearly they are less now because of the changes in spawn dynamics deployed over the past few patches. We have no idea what was done but before we could get about 350 Oort in the 2 hours. These past two hunts we barely broke 200. This is a big concern because of costs to keep any decent portal network running. Fire Caverns costs 5208 shards a week but I will be giving a different post on that soon.

The other ore/gems seemed a bit lower for me too. This all was probably because there were not many hoppers, cuttle, spitters of hight enough level and many of the 3-4 levels didn’t drop decent stuff. Yet somehow through all of this I could still walk away with over 500 bone and 850 meat.


Just wanted to drop in and say thanks again for doing this. Was fun, got lots of loot, and got to see a lot of people in the community. As a new player this was the largest group of people that I’ve encountered so far and would encourage other newbies to drop by the next one.

Also seeing the amount of shards you guys chew through per week, I’ll definitely be dropping off shards/stone whenever I pass through. As a frequent flyer of your portal network, I really appreciate it and want to give back.


Agreed on every single point.
Except I only got about half as much meat as you :stuck_out_tongue: I even got 533 bone…


You’re more than welcome… we are very grateful for everyone that joins. At the end of the day, it is those people that show that make these hunts a success!


Sadly, I missed the hunt again, was out with the wife and forgot.
I agree with avoiding attacking wild stock, they aren’t worth it. I think they would be much more fun to tame and ride around. Imagine using a lance attack from a charging wildstock!


Most of my deaths (there were a few) were caused by charging wildstock when I was fighting cuttles and spitters. Those attacks on wildstock when there are still aggressive mobs around are indeed causing trouble. I asked a few times not to attack them before alk other mobs are cleared. Charging group of wildstock causes havoc and chaos around and people get taken by surprise when getting hit.
And with the drops they give its not worth it.


If only they dropped oortstone…
They dont even have to drop gems and it would make them worthwhile to kill


soon only oort birds will drop oort stones - we will all look for meteorites on our hunts


well that is a bad decision… yes we can hunt meteorites but it still makes no sense.


May have to try it out before you decide it’s a bad decision. My understanding is that meteors will be lootable by everybody, and that the mob spawns from these meteprs will be more intense based on the number of players in the area. Also, they should be visible from a distance, allowing for them to be more easily tracked. If the drop and spawn rate of meteors are too low, I’m sure they could be adjusted.

Idea: occasionally meteors spawn in exclusively road runners, causing a chaotic mad dash of birds in all directions. Think- Diablo III loot goblin packs!


I am thinking about individual people and not group hunts. If bird count increases as does the ability to actually kill them, then fine. Killing the mobs in the wild was able to generate enough Oort to run portals if you were a single person. Based on this new model it is no longer fully possible when everything is enabled. A single person will not be able to take on multiple monsters around a meteor.

Anyway this really isn’t the right thread for the conversation.


meteorite spawns are supposed to be tailored to players number - so hopefully a solo hunter will be able to complete such task and loot something


This. It seems your concerns were considered when this feature was developed.

But I admit I’m speculating at this point. The true impact will need to be tested before it can be discerned.


I’m on testing right now.
I found 2 meteorites on a starter planet and was able to fight all the monsters as a lv 15 with 4 vit, 9 power and a copper sling bow.
Its about 10 lv 1 mobs of all kinds. 1st meteorites dropped 1 oort stone, 2nd dropped 3.

So after a few minutes I have 4 oort stones on a starter planet now, thats a lot faster then back on live when I started the game. ^^
Will try to find some silver now and upgrade to a silversling bow.

I just found a meteorite that i didn’t had to fight (maybe someone else did) and could just loot. +1 oort stone.


Lets do simple math…

4 different sources to get oort that show up across the whole planet based on various animals with random drops = 4 different sources
2 different sources to get oort that show up based on 1 creature type and an event with random drops = 2 different sources

4 is greater than 2 and gives more opportunity to people.

I still stand by the results of our hunt and I don’t think a meteor event will have changed the results enough to counter the nerf that has happened in Oort delivery based on what I mentioned in my post after the hunt. We will see when the patch goes live and we have a hunt whether it competes with the original Oort drops we had for the first 2 hunts.

But like I said this is really not the thread to be discussing what is better.


the idea is to have things balanced so lets not be too attached to first feature pass - numbers will most likely be adjusted;

besides - we shall see how the group hunts will look with the meteorites