Bi-Weekly Community Hunt - Nov 18th @ 5 pm UTC


The Fire Cavern’s owners are hosting the next great community hunt this Saturday November 18th… note the date. I posted this over a week in advance.

Everyone of all levels is welcome to attend.

Here are the details:

The event will be running for an hour or so but we are keeping our portals open so people can continue to hunt longer. We plan on using our hunt hub room but I need to confirm if @142857 will be joining us or not. If so we will use those portals so if you are ever lost or separated from the group, you can always return to our hub network and easily catch up with the group. If not I will be opening portals.

While we will be handling all Oort shard costs for the portals and everything to manage this and future hunts. We always do ask that maybe you could be generous and donate one Oort stone or a few to us in the request baskets to help cover costs to open the portals (we are paying some coin for the Oort.)

Event Date/Time - Saturday November 18 @ 5 pm UTC
other time zone details -

NOTE: due to daylight savings time changes in the USA some time zones might be different. Like Pacific time is now at 9 am.

Meeting Spot - Fire Cavern’s Hunt Hub - The Shrine of Oort

How To Get There -

  1. Via the Fire Cavern’s hub network’s main room -

  2. Moebius Plaza at Therka Market -

Equipment Needed -

Everyone should bring:

  1. A couple Slingbows of whatever choice you prefer to carry to help kill the mobs.
  2. Some cooked meat, berries, or healing potions for your health needs.
  3. A grapple just incase you need it even though we won’t be putting you in areas that have crazy terrain.
  4. LOTS AND LOTS of free inventory space for all the goodies that drop.

Discord -

We will be joining the Boundless Discord channel and using the Great Hunt voice channel if you wish to chat with us.

Additional Notes -

If you wish to bring other supplies for the community to help people (extra Slingbows / Food / etc.) please do…

If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments let us know…


Reminder the hunt is not this coming Saturday but next for our event.



I don’t usually nor like to hijack posts but just wanted to mention that I can host an in-between hunt for this weekend, I’ve been saving good hunting locations on munteen (doing nasharil tonight) and will update beacon locations to avoid problems that arose last time :stuck_out_tongue: coughWarpingIntoLavacough
Same meeting place (oort shrine), same (usual) time.


You already have, and I joined. It was a 2-men Big Hunt. :joy:


I might be able to join as well after work.


I’ll be there :). Can’t make next weekend anyhow.


if you find a way to friend me i can give you rights to a sign on plaza to
write down your hunt as xaldafax did to


nevermind… i’ve lost my steam. i probably won’t be there, not even sure if i wanna play anymore.


U lost steam? What do you mean?

The steam in my engine..

I’ve been noticing less and less people online and the people i used to play with are barely (if at all) online… i’ve seen 2 people in the chat rooms in the last week, there used to be several people in different rooms at times…
I’m in it for the social aspect. sure I build on my own but I like to hang out with people while I play. sometimes i’ll even put on a youtube video just so there’s another voice in the room.
I’ve been so depressed lately, boundless is my way to escape from reality, but it’s starting to get lonely there too.


I was thinking: you cant possibly talk about steam app?

yeah had those moments too, like even today I didnt feel like it; was playing a lot last few weeks

also noticed less people in discord chat; three people I played a lot before are all taking a break too;


I wanted to remind people to check the URL for the date / time of event this Saturday - 5 pm UTC. Due to daylight savings time changes it might be different for you than usual. As an example it is at 9 am Saturday now (for US West people)…

Hope to see you all there… 14 said he was coming as well so we have the same portal sequence going…


is it pm by any chance?


It is basically the same time as before since that was when most people were expecting it and to cover as much of the globe as we could. So it is pm for those in Europe but am for those on the west coast of the USA.


Ah, right. I thought you were talking 9pm UTC as tha’ts when I usually joined a hunt.

So, still 5 pm for UK and you were only warning people in US?


Nothing has changed on that side. It is still 5 pm UTC like the title says… yeah I was only warning anyone that deals with daylight savings and probably should have been a bit more clear.

How Complete is Boundless?

See everyone in just under 2 hours…


Starting in 5 min…


great hunt again - cheers a lot :sunglasses: