Bias and RNG [update]


No freaken way… I’ve had multiple cases of exactly the same thing!!! Rolling a random boon to fill a slot and bam AOE, bam! devastating damage… no way, nah no way am I going to get durability, and guess what… BAM glow!! haha, except one of these times I did get get dura. Funnily enough every time this has happened I’ve had just special and effect gums in my deck and no others.

And yes this has occured very soon after I have just wasted 40 decons trying to get these 3 boons… odd very odd, the conspiracy continues to grow momentum!!


Honestly, I kinda had a feeling that RNG is worse these days than like 8 weeks ago when I forged a lot too. I get the right boons less often, need to use more decon resins/boon removals/boon transmutes than before and seem to keep getting the same unwanted boons again and again which means I give up on the decons (which I dislike to use anyway) and use the solvents but with the same bad luck, thus having to use them too often, which means I can’t get them as high as I want

Since I go for a random 3rd on metal tools I also only have special and effect in my deck! So it’s just very funny how this works…


Now you guys are making me think I just ruined a perfectly good forge machine. I just realize I didn’t start these drought problems until I decided to forge grapples in this particular machine.

Prior it had been used for only hammers/shovels/axes.

I think I ruined its tool purity by using it for a grapple forge while my other machines were busy.

Man, you think forgers might be superstitious?


Ohhhhhh yes most definitely dude. My friend has his rule of thumb, 1 gum if you want the desired boon, 2 gums if you want auto loot. hahha


4 gums is glow tho, most definitely! had that happen tonight as well, had 4 effect and 1 special active, LOL


Anybody that confronts an RNG on a regular basis gets that way.

The origin of the word “RNGesus” is unknown, though it was already in use within in various online gaming communities like MMO-Champion, as early as of 2009[1].


RNGesus was around long before online gaming. My grandpappy used to talk about this mythical figure who controlled the rolls of craps tables.


You know what would be REALLY fun?

You put the mats in, and the thing you want comes out.


haha, ok 15 effects did it for me. Must be multiples of 5 for glow!! lol

I wish I actually had some concrete examples of all of this happening to me but I’ve kind of just brushed it aside and avoided thinking too much on it for fear of becoming one of those people who truly believe the atlas on the rift world was bugged and that’s why they couldn’t find any, haha


Sure, I’ll close my shop right now, ok?

But it’s ok, you can now make the tools that you normally had to buy! So it’s all good, right? well, yeah, but now I do not need all the mats you sold to my baskets either, hmmmmm

RNG can be frustrating, forging is also not the simplest of things to learn but I would not want it to be just another recipe either. My forgery shop makes sure I can indulge having a food and brew shop, prices keep going down there with hardly any sales since everyone is making them themselves these days!


I’ve only been running my forge store for a few weeks now and I must admit I have learned ALOT about why forged gear is priced the way it is, the time, the energy, the frustration, the skills learned after 100’s or even 1000’s of forges is priceless.

I am happy that my customer base is small enough for me to deal with alone and still have time to do something other than forge and stock shelves in my game time, and yet it’s just enough to let me keep stocked with materials to keep experimenting on the forge to come up with tweaks, improvements and new ideas


I guess if something did happen it makes sense why there seems to be more buying feathers posts as of late.


Dammit that’s the answer right there, it’s a conspiracy to make me finally shut up about Decon 3 and use RR feathers!!!

I have been a long term advocate of “why use RR ingredients when you can just deconstruct??” I have never ever used a RR feather in this game and I have had no problem whatsoever consistently forging 330 to 370 gear with all the desired boons on, I have never ever bothered to go out of my way to hunt them and I had 18 of them in my storage acquired over months and months of playing… and you know what I did today… I thought to myself, ah well might as well bite the bullet and go and make myself a craft of Quirk Removal 2. And now I’ll probably fall in low with it and decide I want to try Boon Transmute next… blasphemy!! Deconstruct it!!


Ha. You guys have been a trip.

So glad I posted this. Glad to share misery and success and mostly misery with others, hahaha

GL forging :joy:


I’ve just started to forge and the first was okay, the second was horrible and I don’t even know what I did wrong LOL I did a deconstruct and at least I didn’t end up with three boons that were worthless on a slingbow.

I don’t think you need to have the boon of hitting 8 blocs, glow in the dark and auto harvest and that was what I got. I know that part of it is me wondering, how do I take a boon off, when should I take one off, and why does it when on the hammer I was trying to forge it had where you hit the 8 blocks, have the auto harvest which I don’t think you need on a hammer and one that is good and you try to get a higher level on the third on and the roll brings down the hitting the eight blocks to three. Why? What did I do that caused it to drop? Can’t even remember what ones I used and deconstructed it and started over and got okay, but not what I wanted.

The one that I think is horrible, I didn’t have deconstruct and I wish I could stop forging and go and get it.

I think one thing I am struggling with is how many times in a row should I use mats such as special, effect, protection, fate, stabilization, longevity, ease or others when using them. I know that you don’t use them all on the same forge, but when I need the ones for a hammer for example, how many times do I need it before I try the boon, and when I have the one I want, say how many blocks is to be hit, have the durability that is high and the third, longevity and one of those two is low, how many time do I use the boon to increase and of course, why did the hammer drop that great hit and go to a horrible one?

It’s confusing when you start, and makes you wondering should you have gotten into this.


The 1-20 oort range is brutal, I just got more oort from a dormant meteor than a completed one. Soloing a meteor felt really rewarding at that point :smiley:


Honestly, I was wondering if it was me too. I’m starting to think that maybe adding more boons ends up putting a percentage in a weird way that ends up actually lowering future chances of it. Like maybe anything over 4 puts some weird math up.

Maybe we should all make 100 forges with the boon setup and see what we all get.