Bias and RNG [update]


Immediately after making this post I did another attempt. Sometimes you just take what you can get. Forging isn’t always easy but when you complain it usually listens to you a bit more. :joy:


When we post on the forums, it’s usually about something bad or good, but seldom posts discussing both.

I was going to post about how pissy I am right now about the RNG and forging but then looked at the bigger picture of how much I’ve forged before running in to a drought like this.

I’ve put out hundreds of aoe tools and with seldom a complaint. Generally I have between 1-4 deconstructs per session. I’ve gotten the damage boon / aoe / durability almost always consistently. The other day I had 16-17 sessions before I threw in the towel and quit deconstructing. Today I’m at close to the same and at my wits end. I had aoe/dmg/magnet a few times but decided to decon and go for the durability. I should have quit both times and just taken the magnet at this rate.

So I’m posting about how poo the rng is /right now/ but also posting about how good it’s been to me in the past.

RNG sucks and I’m glad I never married her.


Forging would be more fun if it was less RNG and more like “Ok, here’s a 3-D model of that thing you’re trying to make. You can rotate it in any direction you want, but you have 90 seconds to find and repair all the defects. GO!”


Overall I definitely enjoy forging and think the RNG is fine for the most part. But sometimes it really screws you over and those are the times you remember more.

Just yesterday I was making shotgun bows and with effect gums ended up rolling Heavy Projectile and Hard Hitter (instead of Damage and Hard Hitter or Damage and Heavy Projectile, both of which I’m fine with) 5 times in a row which is a 1 in 243 chance (and once not rolling effect, with which I’m fine though because I’m usually stingy with gums haha). On top of that the RNG for rolling multishot didn’t go well either and I ended up burning about 50 decon resins per bow. Never had a bad luck streak this rough and I was pretty done afterwards. But on the plus side, usually that doesn’t happen.


Meteorite loot is another example.

I went for a hunt with a friend that had 0 in Luck. I have it maxed. One of the meteorites I got 3 Oort stones while he got 11. We didn’t hunt long and I ended up with 66 oort stones while he had 63. I keep thinking that people hunt meteorites for oort stones more than other stuff and getting them is like getting the right boon, but you can often be swamped with fossils, tech and metals instead.

I wish random factor wasn’t so big. That maxed Luck would guarantee at least 5-6 stones. That instead of 1-20 it chose from narrower range like 5-15 (numbers just a rough example).

Should I even mention stout oort bird dropping one tallow on maxed out Luck hunter?


Luck actually doesn’t affect Meteor loot.


That’s even worse.

Pure random stupidity so.

However total loot difference between me and the friend was around 25% and I see that difference happening on regular basis when taking new players for hunts. Coincidence? Or you mean luck doesn’t affect oort stone versus other items but have influence on total loot amount?


To add insult to injury, I started stacking 3-4 effect gums instead of just 2 and I started getting glow and ease booms instead of effect booms, which’s made ZERO sense given I added more effect gums, but hey rng is gonna rng.

I’m definitely done forging for now though. That burnt me out. Will probably forge some more hammers later tonight when that sting wears off.


Had a forging moment once when after using a fate and having boon bar 80 % filled, I still got three misses.

Stopped forging for a week after that.


I started a big long thread about forging. A step by step as explained by the community.

Because of that, I have a far better grasp of how the forge works and even managed an AoE titanium hammer at the end.

Fast forward a few months, I haven’t been able to get an AoE since. The best I get is the cross pattern

I hate RNG for this. Just have a different gum for each effect and be done with it.


Oh it’s usually not that bad. As I’d mentioned, I’ve put out hundreds of tools with minimal resets. You just gotta push through the garbage rolls. Though when it happens, and you’re in the hole with minimal resources it can feel absolutely gut wrenching.


Yeah, most the time I have enough mats for one, maybe two attempts.

You already have to gather the hideously hard to gather resources, you already have RNG for if it’s going to succeed or not…why the extra level of rng?

Either RNG the effects or RNG the success/fail. Not both.


Masscraft your mats if you haven’t started already. Wait til you can masscraft the mats. You get so much more bang for your buck.

I don’t get many hopper cores so I sale other mats to buy them which is about 5k. Forge 1-4 tools at a time.

Those are my tricks and tips at least.

Forging 1 item u can afford to screw up more than 20 tines


You know I’ve been starting to feel like a flat earther conspiracy theorist over the last week or so thinking that perhaps something had changed in how gums worked and no one had bothered to tell me. My RNG has been insanely bad, like absolutely and utterly, yet consistently bad.

I mean I’ve had bad before…

…try using 15 effect gums and then rolling a magnet boon (admittedly I already had crit damage and heavy proj) and to just assume I was going to get DD on my rift bow 200 rounds into a forge is a little overconfident perhaps… right…

But no worries, that was just a one off occurrence in the middle of typical good luck and good forges I learnt to set my boons early. But recently… I am cursed… Dozens of forges I have used 30-40 deconstruct resins just trying to set my 3 boons at the start, I’m forging hammers… guaranteed I’ll get magnet or crit damge, even when I don’t have that gum on, it’s crazy. Single target bows I am forever getting the bleeding boon… what the… AOE slingbows and I get increased range… but why???

Now you go ahead and post this!!! Once again I’m beginning to thing the earth is flat and the moon landing was faked and yet the conspiracy I’m now sure exits where the way gums work has been secretly changed is the one that is going to haunt me!!

Basically what I am saying is that I admire your ability to balance this out with all the good forges, I’m struggling to do that as I am having this sort of luck over and over and over again with very few exceptions going the way I want them to.


I deep down felt like a forging change happened with gums too, but as soon as I made this post I got all 3 boons I wanted. It just took forever.

If the bad patches continue long term then maybe I might have more anger bias lol


Well I’m glad I’m not the only one, also kind of not glad because now I’m afraid/terrified to go and do the multiple forges I had planned to do today!! haha


Actually after rereading your initial post… besides the gum issue… I must admit I have been taking some risks that I really wouldn’t have in the past like try and go for 1 more level in durability and get the aggravated attacks quirk on an axe… or to roll a compound with no fate paste on just to take a gamble at levelling up the extra attack speed at high health quirk and instead getting the Bouncy feet quirk…

Now admittedly this sort of gamble has worked for me more times than not, and these times I did say to myself… that really wasn’t worth the risk.

But yeah the gums thing… seriously try 16 effect games a few times and see what you get just as an experiment, haha


If something did change then it’s poo, I stacked 5 effects gums twice in a row and got a glow boon both times. That’s when I made my original post. Then I just did 2 effect booms and I got damage. Then got aoe then got dura. After I got saddled with the energy defect I said flip it because I wasn’t doing that hassle all over again.


RNG was one of the reasons why i never really bothered forging i dont like the fact that im puting all those mats and time on the line to then just roll the dice on what i get


Up until now I would have laughed and told you that you are missing out on easily affoardable self-crafted equipment that allows you do everything you could want at the highest level. But… recently I have been wondering why I torture myself… and why persist 40 something times in a row to get 3 particular boons on a hammer where the probabilities seem so good to succeed and yet failure after failure.


Ehh no, that would not be fun for me, sorry…


I had a funny one earlier this evening! Had been forging hi end gear for a while and sjeesh, rng disliked me with a passion! Had some usable gear afterwards but not exactly what I was aiming for.

Then I did some titanium tools where I add a random 3rd boon, no gums, straight to a pure compound, first roll? AoE boon, ehmm, ok, still needed a random 3rd tho, so did it again with no gum. 2nd boon? damage… ehhh, wow, ok, still need a random, so again I went, 3rd boon? durability, raaaahhhhhhhhh

While just before I used plenty of gums to get that same combo and it just wouldn’t let me, I mean… shakes head