Big Hunt For New Players! REGIONAL IMDAARI PORTAL NETWORK! Bring all your friends!

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Ultima Hub - The Golden Fist
Portal Seekers : Gravidias Te - The Golden Fist

We have set up a quick regional network on imdaari with 13 regions open and spots for 24. We want you to bring all the new players you know to have a safe fun and easy hunt! If you have any grapples available to bring for new players (there is some lava) please do!


has it started yet? where are you meeting?

You’re doing a hunt for new players on Imdaari? Are you nuts? Imdaari is a pain to traverse.

“Regional portal netowrk” meteors spawn fairly close, we had iron and titanium grapples to supply as well as fists.


wow! now would be a good time to organize a new player hunt, there are over 1000 people online right now! :smiley: