Bitter beans vs sweet beans color

is there a chance to change the look of this both?
they look nearly the same (like the forging material you canged about 10 month ago)

it happend almost 3 times to me… but ive seen it at the last moment…

but not this time…

now ive lost 350k… buyed sweet beans for 99c

wanted to buy bitter beans :slight_smile: ( well, im glad that i didnt invest 1,5m like i want to do xd)

maybe it was to early in the morning…

anyone like to buy high (priced) quality sweet beans? lol


as a colorblind person i feel the need to give this a + as they look identical to me

but having said that i just read as well so what you stated its more of a lack to read before buying
after your first mistake you assume to be checking twice the next time ^^
this is not an attack in any way mate, just pure thoughts that checking/reading is a priority before you make any purchases. this is for in game and out.

other than that the colors do need a little change


They have no similarities whatsoever in color to me. I’ve never mistaken one for the other.

However, I do agree with the game having a colorblind mode. I know some colors look very similar to those who don’t perceive color as perfectly as others, and you don’t realize it until someone brings it up.