BL Logo found naturally in Malurialakrib

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I was exploring, and I came across this in a mountainous cave area in Malurialakrib.

I did not create or make this, I found it naturally. Anyone else find anything else like this naturally? This is the first time I have come across the logo in the wild like this.


Yeah; me and a few others have found it so far. Apparently there’s some rare “dark glass” block there too or something according to others (but I didn’t spot it).

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I started mining and I found the piece of dark glass in the middle stone part, that was hovering over the logo. It was just inside of the rocks.


Actually this is not the boundless logo. Note that there are 3 dots, not two. :boundless:


Fist versus pinkies up.

Where approximately was this?

Except for the division in the pinky, it looks like a BL logo to me