Black Light(update)


ok i got only 2hops but i could see in my playerlist for opener guy lol


@SWProzee1 is usually around he might help. I’ll look around :slight_smile:


Big thank you to @houdhakker2 for sharing this with us. Thank you to all the amazing builders in black light. Ill see you guys in there!


Nice one


@Quinn you open a portal to Black light but they are both facing the same direction, I would like to assist you in fixing the portal and donate some portal fuel. Please contact me.


I have removed my shop, the plot is free to take! i need my plots for a new build. Just posting this if u wonder what happend :wink: im leaving the road i made for now, hit me up when u can take over the plots, thanks


I built the head house and now a goat in the lake. Hopefully I get time to make more. I want to build about 5 more giant statues around Black Light. Hopefully the portals stay open.


Beautiful work! I’ll have to come out finally and pitch in.


What do you mean about the portals? Isn’t @Rumplypigskin maintaining them? He has a connection to Berlyn City, but if it goes down I can maybe sponsor a new one.


i think rumply stopped playing and gave village to new players


Settlement Showcase


atlas is not holding an orb thingy but the hole world as a punishment because off losing a titan battle walking in an neverending loop :smile:

great video
@HotelTime and @Zina rocks :star_struck:


Yes! @the-moebius I’m thinking I’ll put that on the sign details in front of it, that’s perfect! All credit to you, and Greek mythology :wink:
Thank you very much guys, we appreciate the settlement spotlight. All of the players that have contributed to it have worked hard and have done a great job of making an eye-popping place. It’s fun to build here, and fun to be here! Thank you @TwistedFoot for the video, and keep up the good work! And thank you to all of my neighbors and friends on here, it has been a great time with the community so far.


Also, I’m going to be putting up some pics of Black Light to add to the video. I have added a little bit since this was recorded. Before I do that I want to throw some info out on Black Light’s history.
As you can see by this thread, @Rumplypigskin was the original founder with some great dedicated builders as the original few residents. As far as I have read, Black Light was a modest little Hamlet that has grown substantially since September, with the help of OG residents (@Zina) and new ones together (including me).
Rumply handed what was now a village over to me in late October to take care of the main pathways, portal hub, and the now dining hall. Along with those plots I found an unclaimed house where the beacon’s fuel had ran out and claimed it, neighboring me with Zina. From there, I began renovating what I saw as an ingeniously positioned settlement. And I have worked hard with several players, including Zina, Rumply, and @reapa11 to continue laying out the place whilst maintaining its homey vibe. It has been a load of fun to continue the place’s development! I can’t wait to see what this place will turn into.


FYI - hotel, the first corner Stone for Black Light was placed August 25. It took a week to hit Outpost status.

So August 25 is the village birthday day. I don’t think we ever discuss that.


It’s accommodated for more players to move into! Coords are: -1592N, -1443E in Berlyn. So new players and regulars alike, you are all welcome to move into town! Black Light has no build requirements, no expectations, and no limits to your ideas! Anyone is welcome, and anywhere is free to build. Find a spot suitable to you, and we can make a pathway to your place if desired.
I have added highways towards other hamlets, which is what you are seeing in some of these pics. It has given more pathways to start builds off of. :+1:

Sorry for the 3 posts guys! :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool coverage. The maze is done now. If you finish it , keep your time recorded down, and then at the end of the maze is a sign that gives you my email, send me the in game name and your time, and I have a records tree out back I will put a sign on with your name and time on it for all to see. I took all the light out to make it more spooky, AND for the players with no self light skill, there is “flashlights” out front you can use and makes for an very interesting experience. Can you find the fish?

The Head is my attempt of an oort with the facial armor, but without the armor.


Hey everyone, I’ll start building some bricks to continue building the statue. If anyone has clay that they want to donate or sell I have a request basket in my HQ


ah i getting some clay been digging for road i pop by :smile:


If is empty I’ll log on tonight and refill the baskets