Black Light(update)


Hello everyone, I just want to introduce some updates on Black light the settlement I originally founded and supported by a lot of the community. @reapa11 , @Haradim @StangMTB and many others.

I would like to invite any builders to come take part in this village and also if anyone in Berlyn or near by planets would like to connect with us I added many portals that you can purchase a coin from shop stands next to the portals.

you can use the New Berlyn hub to travel to us

Top floor, the left portal!

Also, you can use the Rumply’s corner shop portal in Elopor

Lastly, the Oortian armory has a portal in Nasharil which you can use. located in Toxic Oasis.

Welcome to Black Light


it keeps getting nicer!


is the portal working forya @Rumplypigskin if not just tell me what to change no worrys we figure it out lolz


We can talk about about the possibility of that portal but in the meantime the portals will be available to anyone in the US West.


could i get a road to my house?


Yeah I’m still at work but as soon as I get on you will :slight_smile:


maybe i can expand my road to his house? il be on tomorrow morning :smile:


You should build a road on the north side going east behind your house for new people. I didn’t spect Black light to get so big :sweat_smile:


the bigger the better :grin:


good idea :smile:


hi man i got a spot build for two 3by5 portals so if you have one we can link em lolz


I’ll get cooking some conduits so we can get it open


So I got the portal ready :slight_smile: let me know when you’re going to be around and we will open it.


i will be on from now untill tonight ill want to buy my sides conduits but need a good prices gonna snoop around now lolz


I can sell you the conduits for 190 per?


hahahha ok im gonna see wat i need


i need 9
and im good
if ya have time stop by village ill make it ready


oh i got some on plaza its 175hahah


ok got portal ready the token can be picked up in shopping center for 1000c ill refund the 1000c :grin: its to keep it safe lol


As soon as I get home I’ll run and grab it but 3 hops… I’ll need help opening it as well if you can help?