Black Mosaic NEEDED

Hey can anyone make me any black mosaic or get me black refined rock?
I’ll need about 2 stacks of mosaic
Or 2 stacks of refined rock
Let me know prices of costs, thanks

i have black refined rock how’s 2c per sound?

That’s perfect

i’m at the delta meteor meet, right now, with the rock

FYI Phem and Angel literally have mountains of just black meta… if I see you in game I can drop you a location token if you like.

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That would be great but i wont be online until tomorrow now :slight_smile:

If anyone has any of this left. I’m looking for between 1000-2000 blocks please :blush::sweat_smile:

My Grandkids Are on Angel I, they are always down for making some coin while they mine for XP, copper and iron. they only get an hour a day playtime with Characters on my account. So If Anyone needs, rock, soil, sand, or gravel. I know they would be THRILLED to see 2c per for any of those things. For ease of access, I can put shop stands up for them in “The Odder Ends” at gyosha mall.

@Alikhi I’m buying ash mud and clay for 1c each in Meteor Meet if you are interested