Black, night azure, shadow mustard, shadow yellow, night lilac, night blue, shadow blue foliage

I was looking for any of the following colors in any type of foliage…black, night azure, shadow mustard, shadow yellow, night lilac, night blue, shadow blue. If anyone would like to sell me these I would be berry grateful. Thanks, Nalidragon

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from first exo till 2020 when i took break, either any of those color showed at any exo, players maybe gor few of each from gleambow meteors, if you want them you need to weit for new exo with such colors or wait till they will be unlocked at SOV worlds

Yeah, I was building a statue for a contest and hoping i could catch someone willing to sell me bits and pieces here and there.

I might have a couple, I’ll login later today to check.

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Ooh thanks.
I was offering around 2c per since it is exo colors and most peeps have only under 500

over 2 years i was exo hoarder but i dont have such colors…there is new exo spawned but no color scan yet, crossing fingers :smiley:

Ok well I didn’t realise this were rare pieces lol. I only found 14 black foliages and 3 shadow mustard…the rest I could not find in my storage unfortunately (


I have night blue/azure/lilac and shadow yellow/mustard.
1 or 2 of each, so nothing special but if you are still interested we can meet to trade.

no worries, thanks so much for looking

thank you for looking, i actually got in contact with someone who had enough black and night azure for my project. thanks so much for looking!!

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Just FYI I was able to buy plenty of black and night azure foilage for my project. Thanks for everyone’s response and any time they spent looking for colors. Cheers, Nalidragon.