Blade Runner Meets Centraforge - forging new weapons and shields (video)

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I decided to put new melee weapons and shields in the Centraforge:


Nice video of the new boons. I was trying them out a little too and I’m really happy with the weapon boons (if not the animation) but I’m disappointed by the shield’s boons. I think that the 1% reflected damage per fortress level is way too low for the effort of forging and I also think that it should prevent wildstock knockback to an extent. What do you think?


I’d take the ability to hold your ground instead of getting booped around by wildstocks over damage reflect honestly.

Doesn’t even have to be wildstock charges. It’s crazy how you can get 6k+ fall damage just by jumping on top of pretty much any creature just because there was a wall in the direction you got thrown off towards.


Even if that boon doesn’t reduce knockback, something should. Even if it was a quirk, it would be great


Quirk; shields, totems, warhammers

Reduces knockback from all sources by x%, but also reduces jump height by x%

Or something.


Yeah that’d be great. The ability to form a shield wall around a meteor like a Roman legion would be sweet. That’s kinda what I imagined when these were teased anyway.


my thoughts exactly
first, 2% dmg reflect by level would be nice
and I did get killed on the tree behind me when knocked back by that wildstock lol - somehow didn’t see that coming :joy:; if that knock-back was at least half weaker (so less fall damage then too)

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that would be a straight choice yes :sunglasses: worst is the flipper effect when knocked back and bouncing off of a few objects that happen to be close

indeed - we can manipulate a lot of different phenomena in the universe, but not the most deadly :roll_eyes: