Blink grapple forge

Hey. Thanks to WakeNBake, I was able to forge this…

I did Blink instead of Rift, just incase I messed it up, being my first maxed out lucent.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Well done sir!!

Wow, that thing must be insanely fast!! Perfect for collecting goo kernels that love to hang above lakes of lava, haha.

Thanks man, I really appreciate the help!! Bad luck on the rugby btw! :wink:

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bahaha, and congratulations to your guys!

Work on Monday should be interesting… last time we got knocked out of a world cup before the finals 90% of the population was certifiably depressed for the next 6 months. I look forward to pissing them all off with my cheerfulness!!

u NZ? Ouch saw the scores

Yep I sure am. Didn’t watch the game but it sounds like we were outplayed and England deserved to win… unlike the cricket world cup final… that was just horrid bad luck!

I used to play cricket in college sometimes with indian and pakistani friends - what a weird sport! haha

Whereabouts are you from?

Boston, USA

Ah yes I see, don’t worry all your sports seem just as odd to us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Awesome of him to show you. I think not many people are willing to share how they forge max lucent tools, let alone without quirks and defects. Met him and went to his properties in game, cool guy indeed. And good job forging that!

Edit: That reel in speed (add any guild buffs and grappling skill if your character has it) will give you a defeat penalty a dozen times :joy:

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He would probably show anyone that asked, although, I think he’s a little tired of forging to be fair.
I did offer to make a couple Rift grapples as a thank you, but he declined.
WakeNbake, Offer still stands btw! :slight_smile:


Yep I’m rocking the umbris grapples these days as I prefer the extra speed over the extra bit of range… and they are more deadly than a wild stock to the back of the head if you release prematurely haha.

Absolutely more than happy to show anyone how it’s done and you are more than welcome to share the method with others too, it’s not something that should be a hoarded secret.

I may be a little over forging full time, but like I said I still do enjoy teaching others how it’s done. What I really need to do is make a tutorial video to save me going through the process multiple times.

Any YouTube video making gurus interested in making a tutorial video of the process? As I’m clueless at any form of video editing and hate the sound of my own voice haha.


I hate my own voice too, so no way I’m doing it! lol Maybe you could get in touch with Jiivita? I’m sure he’d be more than happy to knock out a video! I think I missed a couple steps there though, cause I ended up using 2 stacks of invig 1 to max out the boons, and took my chances with 1 gum. Although I did end up with about 1200 vig/stab left over! lol :slight_smile:

Hmmm yeah something must have gone a bit haywire to need 2 stacks. How many rounds did you end up going on that forge do you recall? And good to see that you’re not just following what I showed you blindly and you’re putting a bit of your own spin on it, how many attempts did it take 2 get your first 2 random boons?

Yep an @Jiivita quality video would be the gold standard but understandable if he isnt keen to make a tutorial on a 400 round forging method, haha.

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lol, yeah I didn’t think about that, that would be a long video! :slight_smile: It took about 4 goes to get the first 2, and then lightness gum for pro speed, which was a bit lucky to be fair! One thing I did notice, once I maxed out pro speed, the boon points went in to the other boons, even though I still had lightness gum active. This is probably something everyone already knows though, and I’m just catching up! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, and round wise, it was well over 400!

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I wouldn’t mind making a video on the method… if I knew it lol. I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to lucent forging since it seems to be more a novelty than anything >.>

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I’m more than happy to show you what I know if you’re interested. Would be good to have it added it to the Encyclopedia Jiivita :sunglasses:


That would be very generous. I work tonight & tomorrow night but sometime after that I’ll get in touch ^^ Do you prefer Discord or the forums?

Discord is probably the easier option. I’ll PM my discord details.