Blinksec Table / Portal Helper


Couldn’t find an up to date blinksec-table so I made a new one. Also included are tabs for portal conduit counts and oort/h prices between planets. Please add a comment if you see something wrong.

The planet list can also be filtered (make a copy to get this functionality) to include just a few planets to help make the choice of where to set up shop if you want short distances to specific planets. In the example image we’re looking up where would be the best place if we wanted to get portals to Finata, Grovidas Te and Tana VII. We’re looking at the portal conduit counts between planets, and limiting the size to 10 conduits just for fun. Circarpous is the best, but that requires protection so Biitula and Lamblis seem to be the next best options. Hope this helps somebody understand how to use this :slight_smile:

This is the button you’re looking for if you haven’t used filters before.

TNT MEGAHUB: One Jump To Freedom

Way easier to read then the static images.


Very Nice! Thank you kindly!!


It’s nice. Just wish it was mobile friendly. The picture one is easier to use when on mobile. And there’s an up to date on in he discord channels dunno if one was ever posted on the forums


Works well, thank you.

Never realized how uneven the T1 planets were, some can connect to 4 other planets with a 2 block portal, while others can only connect to 1, or in Lasaina’s case 0, ouch.


Yeah this is more for when you need to actually manipulate the data. Images are hard to modify to your own needs.


Portal Seekers also recently added a quick filter over at


And the best planets are actually the T4 ones, Circarpous and Delta Cancret :smiley:


Updated with the new EU(?) planets ^^


Is the conduit requirement for both? so if I do a 2x2 on one planet and a 2x2 on another that’s 8? Or is the requirement only for one side?

Question about portals

If it says you need 8, means you need 8 on both sides for a total of 16