Block Changing Chisel - YouTube video by Oort Waves

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I have noticed that even more seasoned players, who clocked quite a lot of hours in Boundless and progressed far, tend to miss information on some small features, or maybe don’t know details of the larger ones.

One of those things that I happened to explain to a few quite advanced players is block changing chisel, So, here we go with explanation of what kind of blocks you can affect with a simple block changing stone chisel.
Flinstones time! :wink:


the block changing chisel has recently become one of the best tools in my toolbox…great fun to experiment with existing builds or getting that exact colour with that exact type of block (be it foliage, stone, metal etc) you wanted, regardless of source.


Not to toot my own horn… but I’m going to do that… I have been going crazy lately with these puppies. I love it! I just build a BLACK castle and the stone skin differences alone give enough contrast to make it pop.

So we started selling them at the DBX forge shop just a few days ago. I’ve been making them in various colors (gems). They also have loot and glow on them because I’ve found that to be extremely nice while building. All buffs are 3/3 or 1/1 so they don’t get any better.

In a couple hours I’ll be moving the price down to 5k each. I’ll keep that price for the next 20 chisels at least.

If you have any special requests feel free to PM me.

I’m sorry this is a TRADE addendum, but I kind of just discovered how useful these are myself and want others to try it too. If you catch me when I’m over there adjusting prices I’ll give you half off (but only it you promise to use them in a build, not just for crafting)


What gum do you use to target block changing?

it’s the effect gum