Block colors by world

I had to recollect my grass colors, so I jotted down the ID #'s for blocks in each world. I have only confirmed dirt, grass, wood, leaves, and sand so far (no ore list yet, haven’t been spelunking). If I messed up somewhere or forgot a world let me know. **Gleam locations not confirmed yet

Color ID#'s and the world you can find them:

  1. Tawas, Iielo, Callow
  2. Gihhs, Melfig, Saptu
  3. Veedle, Selta, Merfi
  4. Folva, Furthor, Sedatars
  5. Wardin, Keuehok, Uliap
  6. Ruccie! (still cant find ancient wood/leaves)
  7. Eisa, Lotad
  8. Agabab
  9. Nbor, Lepker, Yobel, Vadvy
  10. Qebeql
  11. Hawig, Lapas, Gasan
  12. Palckn, Gortnen, Kohe, Omoson
  13. Cshrime, Nasag, Yugen, Shodi
  14. Zltor (still cant find ancient wood)
  15. Lemde
  16. Yafaday, Meezan, Vaisier, Xewell, Lleb
  17. Wenton, Storial, Ruchs

Vekil: Ancient wood=10, Twisted Wood=15, Ancient Leaf=16, Twisted Leaf=7, Dirt=3, Grass=1, Sand=?
Oppoh: Ancient wood=4, Twisted Wood=2, Ancient Leaf=2, Twisted Leaf=2, Dirt=3, Grass=3, Sand=?

Since I’ve only noticed these here so far:
Dark glass - Agabab
Fruit water pod - Saptu

Block ID #'s for images:
16, 17
11, 12, 13, 14, 15
06, 07, 08, 09, 10
01, 02, 03, 04, 05

Grass & Gleam:

Ancient Trunk & Leaf:

Twisted Trunk & Leaf:

Dirt & Sand:

Stone: (unblended & blended)


The numbers are color ids or what?

Yeah, edited to make it more obvious thx.

Hey, I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about this. I started a spreadsheet of worlds and block colors, please feel free to contribute/edit! I have it set up a little different from you, what do you think works best?

Anyone else who wants to contribute, please feel free!

Oort Field Guide (Google Spreadsheet)

I still haven’t figured out the best way to organize it but feel free to use anything I post.

I am trying to get images together for each block type but am missing a few - so if anyone sees color ID 6 for any of those blocks, or ancient wood 14 that would help a ton! (The wood 14 is probably also on zltor but I couldn’t find it)

These are now all available in Tawas at the gathering build site.
Just use (i) and replace anything you take.


I can read the spreadsheet but I can’t edit it.

Oops. Fixed. Anyone with the link can edit now. My bad!

New player here - what do you mean by use (i)?

Where is the gathering build site?


I can help! The i key sets your inventory to infinite build mode. This way, you only need one of a block to build as much with it as you like. As for the Gathering, I’d rather not post it’s location to the forums, since griefers have occasionally used posted coordinates to find builds to destroy.

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Thank-you Havok40k

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New screenshots^ In case your favourite build colors got changed this might help find a replacement!
(Still missing those 3 blocks… grrr)

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That blended stone screenshot looks really cool.

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###Updated stone collecting:

To get colored stone:

  1. Gather a bunch of broken stone
  2. Teleport to the world with the color you want (the broken stone will change to that color… gathering it there works also but is sometimes iffy)
  3. Craft as many stone as you require while on that world (seems to stay the proper color now)

Keep at least one in your inventory if you’re still building with it, because for now when it’s broken you will get the color of the world you are on - not the color the block was. (so you can’t just keep a stack on the ground for later)

To get coloured chunks:

  1. Gather enough stone of the color you want using the method above (at least 4 for the chunk!)
  2. Bring them to the world you want to use it and craft the coloured stone there

Note: if you teleport with the chunks or log out - they will change to your current worlds home color.
You CAN place them down on a world and be able to recollect them though.


@DarkRepulsor Civini -> Hills, Flying Islands, Activity Low

was my old home Server ^^

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^ bumping because it’s such a good resource and I look at it all the time


Hi @Apocalyptica

I just bought Oort earlier today, joined the Tawas server and had a brief look around. I’m busy catching up with New Player guides and what-not at the moment.

I see in this thread you mention about a Gathering Build Site. I know you also said you don’t give out the location publicly because of Griefers… I wonder if you can personal message me the location? (At this point I’d welcome any help to get started, Oort is my first Voxel game, I’m excited about building stuff, but kinda intimidated cause It feels like I don’t know ANYTHING!)

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Updatse yiou need to now do a granit bunch because granite also makes stone blocks but diff colour for example i ave gray stone but when i use granite it makes black stone on my gasan anyway

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