Block destruction

This thread is going to be about what should be able to destroy blocks

  1. Players (with appropriate tools)
    There is not much to say about this point, I think everyone agrees that player should be able to destroy blocks.

  2. Explosives
    This type of block destruction is already discussed in those two posts .
    2.1 Cannons
    IF explosives get implemented adding some basic physics (~Minecraft complexity) could mean that we might be able to build basic artillery.
    Don´t get me wrong, when I´m talking about artillery I mean something like this

    not this:

    Those could be pretty neat. Altough they might be mostly used for fun reasons (Example: adding some actually working canons on the walls of your city might add a real “feel of protection” (attack on titan coming into mind)) and not for actual bombardment(thinking of the inaccuracy of the Minecraft cannons) . And since the world regenerates anyway (and TNT probably being rather costly to craft) nobody has to be afraid of seeing crater all over the world.
    Beaconed areas are protected anyway so nobody has to be afraid of suddenly being bombarded.
    Speaking of beacon bombardment one picture came into my mind:

  3. Creatures:
    I know everyone who played minecraft is familiar with this pesky guy:

    For those who arent: He randomly picked up blocks and placed them elsewhere.
    But copying Minecraft would be boring, so here are some additional ideas:
    Resting places:
    With all the new artwork about the boarlike charger creature and given that the current AI is only a placeholder it might be possible that this creatures will have a day/night circle. This could lead to boars making rest places during the night. (like in real live) This rest places could just be 2x1x1 holes where they sleep in during the night(at the beginning the blocks might just disappear and a “digging” animation could be added later). Could be pretty awesome if you go out of your beacon in the “morning” and find the resting place of a “boar” herd. (premised there will be herd behavior)
    This could also be a type of creature that interacts with its surrounding. Those worms could remove blocks along their track. Such a “worm-tunnel” could be either 1x1 blocks wide or 2x2 (so players could wander along the worm track). Of course Worms should be a rather scarce creature, otherwise those tunnels would get rather annoying than amazing.
    For the people that a concerned in regard that those creatures might destroy their buildings or the beauty of the world: Remember that the world will regenerate and beaconed areas are protected anyway.
    Also I´m aware of the fact that those worms would require the devs to code a new moving pattern but since many creatures will most likely have their own moving pattern (unlike the ones in Minecraft) I think one additional might not be that much of an issue.

  4. Magic
    I don’t want to discuss here what kind of magic system is there going to be, there are already many threads regarding to this topic but I much rather want to discuss what impact magic should have on the surroundings.
    There is already a thread where such a system is mentioned/explained in detail. It basically comes down to blocks being removed from the ground and used as projectile.
    Fire/Earth magic
    Some explosion/meteor/fire spells might be able to destroy a small range of blocks.
    Even though I´m not planing to play a mage whatsoever I would love to see certain spells interacting/destroying the environment. This would make the battles so much more dynamic than the generic MMO battles and it would be totally awesome to see the aftermath of a battle between two mages shortly after they fought.

  5. Pistons/Actuators:
    IF there is going to be some sort of automatization (which i assume looking at Crafting II) there also have to be some actuators. At this point I´ll just assume the basic minecraft-piston-system but it could also be something totally new and amazing like this

So what does the community think about those ideas and of course feel free to add additional ideas if i forgot something.
I personally would love to see other things than the players also interacting /destroying blocks.

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Nice. I like all of your ideas. especially that you should be able to destroy blocks with skills. :smiley:

Terrain modifying creatures would not be so much of a problem as they are in MC with the terrain regeneration implemented.

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Picture of Star Wars Episode one :weary:
the entire topic is contaminated :confounded: