Block Placement Performance

Hey Folks,

after a long break i played today for a few hours. i have noticed a massive FPS drop when i remove or set blocks. the drop is that hart that i have problems moving smooth/close (on cliffs/edges).



Do you place blocks in a fresh new area or near a player-built city/village?

In a new Area.

Something funky seems to be going on - as a few people have been reporting something similar. I’m guessing there is something in the graphics driver that doesn’t like the rapid remeshing that happens when you’re altering the world, and / or I’m still really suspicious of some of our networking. (Too many people are reporting decent pings with other games, and worse pings with Oort. Smells a bit iffy.)

Can you:

  1. Give the DX11 Beta version a try.
  2. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  3. Does switching between the main build and the DX11 build have any effect.

Then also:

  1. Try going to a world on a local(ish) server, trigger the issue.
  2. Teleport to another world in a more remote server. (Switch between EU and NA for example.)
  3. Try and trigger the issue again. Worse or better or no difference based on geolocation?

Any information you can provide will help us track it down. :apple:

Hey James,

1: Tried the DX11 Beta - It’s a bit better than the native one. But not much.
2: As up to date as possible for my second card (341.44 WHQL)
3: Main Build (avg. ca. 18 FPS), DX11 (avg. ca. 20FPS) [DX11 wrong window docking in the upper left corner of the monitor and not windowed like the main build]

Tried a lot of servers. No difference with the “lagg” problem! (expect worse pings)

Can we have a gist of the DX11 log?

Ofc DX11 Gist

Ok thanks. We’re going to keep looking into this.

Keep your eyes on the release notes for the future builds - hopefully we’ll work out why this is happening and resolve the issue.