Block reflection / Graphics / Rendering etc


I solved a lot of LOD issues by turning off the FPS target altogether.


I had something similar when I moved from a 4k 50 inch monitor to a 1920x1080 50 inch monitor, and found it being the vsync throwing it off.


I’ve implemented it now as an extra option, but it is tied into the large set of rendering changes whose ETA is not known yet (Too much effort to do it in both branches allowing an earlier release from the live game version, since the rendering changes branch has so many shader changes to begin with)



Thank you so much!

No rush, just feels good knowing it’s being dealt with!

Based on pictures, I think a lot of builds are int for a very nice treat!


It’s only now that I notice how bad Lustrous timber is as well. The house roof, just under the tower and the house left of it, is partly made of Dark Mustard Timber, but definitely ain’t brown. Turns gray so fast.


Some Feedback from testing:
Metal and Refined rock looks great. For sure. Ice and glacier, not so much. Glacier looks kinda blurry and ice looks kinda dirty with the new reflections.

Glacier looks very blurry.

Refined Rock, Stones and metal looks great from a far!

Why this ice/glacier thing worries me, is that my entire city is partly made of glacier and ice, cause at the time, and still is, one of the only white blocks that can easily be farmed. All rocks and wood is exo, so no way of getting it reliably. I really hope ice gets tuned and doesn’t reflect as much as it does atm, or I will have to figure out and do HUGE changes to my town. Besides, white rock look kinda blue on Antar VI, which is not ideal either.

What have others found regarding this?

Edit: It would be nice to hear thoughts / comments from the dev team too, because I now face a situation where I cannot / don’t want to build housing in my city as I am not sure whether I can use Ice / Glacier or not. In the meantime I will keep on building roading and stone related stuff as I know they won’t change too much / will change for the better.