Block reflection / Graphics / Rendering etc



First of all, here are my settings. My PC is capable of running this on max settings easily.

The problem - Look at how the textures fades out and becomes a gray block (VERY short distance at max graphics)

Here is what I am hoping that can get fixed. I hope that some of these blocks, if it’s reflection or whatever it is, can be fixed so that we can see the textures further away. For some of the blocks I legit have to stand like 15 blocks close to it for me to be able to see textures. I can’t even see the entire building without half of its textures are fading out.

Would it be possible to fix, either through manual modding or via game update? I heard some others refrain from using refined rock because they lose their textures too fast.

I am also hoping render distance could be increased further if the computer specs can handle it.



I asked this months back, dont get your hopes up.


If enough people show interest, I am sure something will happen.


You and an army of us I imagine at this point. Funny that this has been one of the longest complaints unaddressed, that I can think of. The’y’ve been working on a ton of other stuff though so maybe limited resources to direct towards artwork/lighting.


Have the devs ever said anything about it?


@QuimbyBoundless, what are the coordinates of the location on the world?

Do you have a link to that post?


Yes once, a quite long time ago at this point.


It’s not really the same issue in that post tho. That topic is about refined being other color than its previous rock and stone. My problem with refined is the fact that after like 15-20 blocks it loses its texture completely due to reflection or something.

@vdragon will PM you coords when I get home :+1:


It also addresses the reflective/lighting issue, and the dev there goes in to it being an issue with the lighting system they used.

The way I read the dev responses in that post is that the lighting issue is the cause for the very bright biomes/atmospheres on planets and the insane reflection we get from the meta rocks/stones/decoration.

Part of the post seemed to address the exact concern with a different symptom.


Hmm, maybe you are right, I hope you are :+1:


I believe op is referring to the behavior of the engine reverting to per-vertex lighting with no per-pixel specular/normals/emissive at around 24m regardless of settings. It’s an optimisation, though one I feel is not worth it as it stands and may well get removed when I have spare time to address it.

Post Your Screenshots!

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Gonna assume this wasn’t for me :sweat_smile:




I know this may be impossible to answer, but gonna give it a shot anyway. Any rough idea of when this could possibly happen? A month, half a year, 2020 etc?


Sorry! Thought I had replied to @lucadeltodecso. :sweat_smile:


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Entirely possible!


Looks so weird. Completely looks like the block is missing texture :<


Wood has similar issues with being too shiny, in my opinion. Especially when it fades in the distance.