Block shaping machine & allow chiselled blocks to keep shape when broken

I recently started a big build and have run out of steam for one reason. Chiseling. Which made me wonder, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a machine that you threw whole blocks e.g. bricks in, set it to a desired shape by inserting a chiseled block as a template and it churned out copies of exactly the same thing. Obviously it would have some form of cost.g. spark or loss of a certain % of unchiselled blocks as well as have perhaps coils to increase its speed and lower the cost/amount you lose.

In addition I think it would be brilliant if blocks that had been chiselled retain their shapes when broken, this would be a huge QoL Improvement and likely allow new shops to open as I for one would buy pre chiseled items all day long.

I appreciate we have chisels and they are very useful but doing 1000’s of blocks is tedious, a total time sink and could be greatly improved with either of the above ideas.


Would you envision them being able to be placed any number of ways or just one?

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This is how it worked before chisels were introduced. And, yeah, I agree. I’d love to see this so much.

I’m thinking have the existing chisel rules apply. So basically you can do what is possible now but in bulk rather than one at a time. Make one the way you want it and pop it in the machine (would need to be able to break blocks and keep chisel shapes for that option), or shape it in a machine interface and press craft to produce x of those block

I see chisels still having a use, but for roads etc when you just need to do the same thing 200 times it would be so so much easier to be able to produce a chunk of one shape and place those

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Chisels are awesome. I’d rather have chisels without machined shapes than the other way around. Especially in design phase while I’m still exploring. Once I’m set shapes would come handy.

Chisels definitely have their uses and wouldn’t want to see them gone, but the bane of a large building can be the need to chisel the same shape hundreds of times

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