Blocks appear and then revert to previous state

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I logged on this morning for the first time in about 6 weeks, and I’m having some frustrating issues. I will either mine a block out just to have it pop back into existence like I never hit it in the first place, or I will set a block down, it appears, then it disappears like I never set one down. This happens about every 10 blocks I’m working on. The game is still playable but it’s annoying. I don’t know if this is what they call “rubber-banding” or what. I thought it might have been because I have all the graphic settings up as high as they’ll go, but when I turned them down until none of the render settings turned red or even pink anymore, it didn’t make a difference.

I got back on for a bit and paid closer attention. I’m also getting reverting blocks when I use the chisel. My direction will also snap back to what it was about half a second before. This happens frequently, about every 3-5 seconds. It just makes everything seem so clunky and not smooth. It’s enough to wreck the immersion factor of the game completely. My chunk size is 2GB, I have 16GB of RAM, and only about 4 is ever used… I can give you more details upon request.

i get this problem occasionally.

rubber-banding (as i know it) is when you have lag, but you keep your button pressed and suddenly you ZOOM forward, off of a cliff and into lava. or it pings you backwards to where you were standing.

what is your bit download rate? is your network card able to handle it? (mine dislikes Boundless and gets hot really fast)

Yeah definitely rubber-banding. Graphical setting will have little to no effect in altering that now, with the exception of maybe draw distance. Main thing to try is to reduce the chunk caching rate down and see if that helps

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Chunk Max Download rate and Chunk Cache size

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