Blocks completely missing at a distance

i understand the blurring at a distance, and I actually like that, but this is a block COMPLETELY missing, and I hope it isnt as intended. thanks.

Thats just an bug, normaly it should be shown I’ve noticed that on flova too some times.

Have all the chuncks loaded? This info is located on the right hand, side debug menu.

yeah, its just a bug i guess… but its annoying lol

Are you referring to the different level of detail on the big wall in the distance?

If so - this isn’t a bug - rather the Level of Detail (LOD) system in action. The LOD system allows the game to have longer draw distances by reducing the # of voxels drawn.

well, not the level of detail, but the small hole on the right of the cutout.
The small hole is not actually there

Sorry - yes - that is an issue. The heuristic code that is generating the LODs isn’t quite smart enough to deal with a few cases when the different LODs meet. This issue can often be extremely obvious within caves - and you can see gaps into the open air.

So this is a known issue - but not currently a high priority to fix.

Nevertheless, thanks for posting the issue.

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Ok, great! Thanks for the response :smile:
Just wanted to make sure it is known!

Can’t wait to view this place in full ultimate with my dual 980’s once they come in x.x