Blocks Decaying Within Plots


Sounds like you got hit by the bug monster.


Is it possibile that you put storage bloks in campfire area not covered by beacon? That would explain why plots are still there


There was a small amount covered by the campfire, but all the stuff outside the campfire within the other plots regenerated too.


Campfire only cover one plot and don’t think you can add more with plotter to it. So what you did when you placed the beacon ? did you add it to the campfire beacon or next to it ?


So I put down a campfire, and immediately realized it wouldn’t last long. So I put up a regular beacon, fueled it, then added plots covering the area. The beacon was not on the same plot as the campfire


Wasn’t sure when i read your post, but i looked in the test server and campfire last 2hrs and if you add a beacon into the plot it only stay 2hrs if you arent fueling it


Props to this player for having having the cojones to admit they scope out dying beacons then scavenge the remains .


If blocks can ever disappear from plots, that’s worth looking into.


Ahh yes. So you created 2 separate beacons essentially. One covered by the campfire and the other by the new beacon control which you fuelled.