Blocks Decaying Within Plots


About a week ago I found someone’s beacon smoldering. So I kept an eye on the site every day, and finally the beacon went out, and I found everything starting to decay. So I started picking up all that he had, and realized it was way too much for me to do in one day. So I put up a beacon and placed plots covering nearly all that he had. I put up storage blocks and dumped most of my inventory and what I had collected so far into them. I was confident that it was all protected, so I got off. Two days later I got on, and everything but 5 random blocks had decayed. I lost a good part of my own inventory, and pretty much everything the previous owner had. The beacon and all the plots were still there. Is there a reason for this, or did I lose all that for nothing?


did you fuel the beacon you placed?


silly question maybe?

not fuelled = not able to place plots


ah, sorry missed that part :stuck_out_tongue:


is it possible you’re mixing up claimed and reserved plots? A claimed plot is only 8x8x8, so everything above and below it (which is reserved) will still regenerate. Can you confirm: did you see regeneration happen inside a claimed plot, or was it only reserved?

Does anyone else have permissions on said beacon?


Yes I’m 100% they were claimed. Most of the building and contents was all on the same level where I put the plots. Only two things I can think of: I did place a campfire first before putting down a regular beacon and attaching plots to it. I think it was during the time where the Oortmas event was taken off. Could either of these things mess that up?


Blocks should not regenerate if they are in a claimed plot. Perhaps you can provide the exact coordinates of the beacon/plots? This sounds like something @vdragon or @james would need to look at.


I believe I can do that. I sadly did not think to take screenshots, but I should still have the location saved.


shouldn’t NEED screenshots, although they would probably help. They have logs. In theory they should be able to check the beacon placement and fueling times, then compare them to the timestamp of when a few of the blocks were regenerated.


Awesome! My beacon was on 950N 2243E on the world Pheminorum


Sorry your scavenging did go as planned


OHHHH this makes sense now.
you didn’t have to fuel the beacon because the campfire automatically is fuelled for 24 hours.
as soon as you place a beacon control you can add to it, but it will still expire within 24 hours unless you add more fuel to the beacon control.


I added fuel to the beacon control, but since the campfire was there, it doesn’t register the fuel in the beacon once the campfire’s out?


hmm, k if you added fuel to the beacon control (not just dropped it in, but hit the fuel button for it to actually consume the fuel) then that is very strange!


I’d have to guess that something went wrong in the fueling I suppose. I certainly remember crafting it, but I suppose I couldn’t confirm that I hit the button for it to consume. I always do, so I can’t imagine I would miss it, but you never know. Thanks for your guy’s help though! I’ll work on regaining my inventory and maybe I’ll find another smoldering beacon soon! XP


if the plots were still there when you got back afterward, I’m assuming the fuel registered as being in the beacon otherwise the plots would be gone


Yes, that’s a good point, all the plots were still attached to my beacon, and the campfire was gone. If the beacon wasn’t fueled, those plots would have disappeared.


It’s weird that the campfire was gone though… I’ve never seen it do that.


Sorry, I meant it was expired haha.


Ohhh that’s not so weird then lol