Blocks dissapearing more than usual


So yesterday i jumped into boundless and did some building… literally every 5th blocks kept dissapearing.

I build in Beckon (USE) and im from Finland (Eu)

I havent had this kinda lag or problems anyways ever… maybe like few blocks dissapearing here and there but thats just latency issue.

I think this is something else as i have exact same setup or whatever
… i havent changed anything… my ping was fine.

Still i kept seeing blocks dissapearing as said like every 5th block.

Is someone else having these problems?

As said this happened in Beckon (USE)


It has happen since exo have turned up and alot of glitchy behaviour


I certainly hope they fix this asap.


Were you breaking blocks as well? There is a bug currently which re-equips your selected hand slot if you are picking up that particular block type. If you happen to try and place a block when this re-equip is happening, it will result in that block disappearing.


Ye could be that


I have the same problem on Arie.
I can not reprodruce it but if i build sometime one Block is there for one second and than dissapeared.


There is a new “feature” in Release 221 that merges multiple drop blocks of a similar type into groups. This was implemented to reduce the number of active unclaimed entities that can spawn when many players are aggressively mining and not collecting their drops.

What you will see if a block fall and quickly fly into another block. When you then pick it up, your balance will increase by the full number of blocks.

Assuming this is it - then you’re getting all the blocks and not losing anything.

The release notes for this were here:


It’s happening when placing blocks, they disappear as if there was input delay or something and the server thinks we didn’t place something.


If placed blocks are disappearing then the server isn’t getting the command to place the block. Are you getting an bad connection warnings?

If you’re on PC, please share a screenshot of the Latency Graph and the Latency Histogram (found in the Debug information, via F1.)


Hi James, I suspect it’s the following already reported (and apparently fix ready) bug:

Apologies if I’m mistaken.



If it’s this issue then (hopefully) it’s already fixed and will be in the next Live update.


I didn’t build anything on beckon today, but I did notice some glitchy lag whilst there dropping stuff off. And I’m in Louisiana. Had some problems with items not wanting to stay where I put them in storage. They kept quick returning to my inventory.


I was placing blocks today and the block i placed vanished.About 7 times it happened just randomly.Im on ps4.UK.