Blocks reappearing again

Well it appears that bug may be back. I’m on alder and blocks are coming back after I break them. It keeps happening. So far over 20 of them in the last hour.

This bug always happens to me. Blocks and plants.

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Oh man. You too. I was hoping it was my internet but I’m wired now and running max speed here.

Happens to me too. More so with mega fast and a high dam hammers break em twice and it does affect durability

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I’m just building here on alder. Like single hitting with no speed. It’s going off the hinges today. Lol

Oh for me its as follows
If a block takes 3 hits but I hit it twice it disappears then reappears. If I hit it 3 times it disappears correctly. I figured it’s a glitch in crit proc


it does appear to be the case, critical hits being mispredicted… its just a mystery why as the logic is fairly simple and havnt been able to actually reproduce it yet!


Same thing happens to me.

When gathering plants and mushrooms with a shovel, some times I think I got a bunch of them but in the reality I didn’t break a single one :frowning:

Yep been happening to me last few days when mining. I assumed it was a connectivity issue.

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It seems to happen to me when I use the incorrect tool for the type of block, like a hammer on sand/soil. But if I hit the blocks with their intended tool it doesn’t happen.

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yes! And why the lower crit number is what seems to be messed up.

Is it sand/gravel that’s being broken incorrectly, or the rock too? I’ve found that while holding down the action button, the second hit to the wrong material is registered client side as full damage. If the block breaks then, it reappears once the state gets updated from the server.

@lucadeltodecso There are times when it doesn’t trigger, I haven’t figured out what’s the logic, sometimes it starts after using a portal, chatting, moving an item in the inventory or something completely random. Maybe it’s the time of the day, who knows :smiley:

You have to do continuous hitting by holding down the action button or nothing happens. And it’s always the second hit that does full damage. Watch the damage numbers here

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Me it was wood at the time with a hammer.

Also happens to me.

I had this issue with breaking plants on malu (with an aoe +20dmg hammer and maxed skills for mining) during the Halloween event. I went to my mine and placed a few hundred plants at a time and then break them. Believe it was always 3 hits. Tho two when it would crit but the would just reappear right away and not have dropped anything from the first “break”

Looks like lag to me. You break a block on your client (computer) and the server somehow can’t copy that in his memory, so… There is a conflict between client (you) and server, and I guess server win priority (which sounds very logical).

Alder is in USA right ?

Where are you playing from guys ? If from Europe for example, I guess the problem is here. Doesn’t means your own bandwitdh is the problem, probably the server or the fact that you are not playing for north america.

Could be wrong, but having high speed bandwidth change more or less nothing (but it helps). If a server is too far from you you have to send packets and retrieve some from a path with a lot of nodes and it slow down the process and some packets could be loss.

I’m in IT but I’m not a network guy, so again is just what sounds the more logical for me.

Well for me it was only crit dmg that caused it. Never any other time. So I don’t really think it’s lag.

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I’ve noticed the problem since a couple weeks ago

It happens to me the most when gathering plants on exos with a rift shovel. Happy to bring you with as an Exo Shuttle ™ customer next exo and show you :blush:

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Uhh fancy boy, using a rift shovel to get plants