Blocks with texture connection?

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Is there a list of all blocks that allow connected textures?

When I first started playing I really liked how growth fused with the adjacent blocks so I decided to use it heavily in my base. I assumed it would connect with all or most blocks. I made the outer ring of my base out of twisted timber before realizing it did not connect with the growth I am using to fill the center. Looking to change it out with another block but not sure what to go for.

On a similar note, is there a reason grass blocks turn into dirt when you chisel the underside? I was trying to make a secret tree tunnel and I had to chisel a few dirt for my big noggin to make it through the entrance, leaving ugly dirt above.

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Only time grass stays is on slope. Any other chisel breaks the grass. Just like in the Wild you’ll never see grass on a block that’s not a full square or slope shape.

Also far As know all of those connected texture blocks acr exactly the same so if growth doesn’t work with it nor will sponge.

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Oooooh I was using precise bevel. I will give it a try with slope on the underside to see if that will work. Might look a bit jagged on the inside but if that fixes the surface I would live with it.

I assumed as such with sponge too. I was looking for the list of blocks that can be textured over, not the blocks doing the bleeding.

Ohh. My bad. Lack of sleep I more than likely misread. I think it’s a small list. I know none of the deco block allow bleed and none of the refined.

Great idea for a list that I would love to see! But as far as I know I don’t think one exists yet.

Maybe we could compile a list here?

I believe all natural blocks work. Rock, wood, foliage, soil, sand, gravel, gleam, ice, mud, ash, mould, tangle, sponge, growth, corruption and maybe dark glass? I haven’t tested all of these personally so maybe people could confirm or not?

As for manufactured/crafted blocks, the only I know of is Brick. My personal favourite is the Brick/Tangle blend.