Blueprint Editor

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Alright, this seems like a lot to put in. But here’s a jab! Having the ability to go into a building editor mode, where a player could blueprint out their building/structure. To do this, they must have their plots placed, everything mined away, and then by accessing a blueprint paper, they can build out a structure above ground with the materials they have-- kind of like building in Minecraft Building Planner. And then once all edited and ready, the building process either takes place by the player placing the blocks into highlighted block areas, or the building takes place automatically over a set time for free or for a coin amount.

Requirements: Advanced Item Recipes, plot(s) placed, and a blueprint crafted from x# ink extract and x# cloth



Thank you @Spoygg! I’m surprised I didn’t find this post, just didn’t look up blue print first.


Search can be tricky, I can’t even find my own posts sometimes :upside_down_face: