Blurry (PS4)

Does the game seem more blurry now? My setting are the same as they were before last update. But now it seems very blurry moving left and right or just quickly in any direction. Haven’t been able to play much in last week or so from getting headaches just trying to hunt or run and gather. Not sure if anyone has noticed this too and if found a way to stop it. (My bloom is off)

I believe there’s another setting you need to turn off as well. It has to do with the focus of your view. Unless they made bloom do that too.

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Field of view? I haven’t changed that ever. But tried it and it just makes it a zoomed in view but still blurry. It’s like ps4 needs a motion blur or blur effect setting now

Nope not that one. I remember one of the devs mentioning it in a post before with how the “eyes” focus but I can’t remember what the name of the setting was. Or if it was only on pc that it could be done.

Maybe @lucadeltodecso or @james can refresh my memory on the name of the setting.

I think it’s called “depth of field” …similar to in photography where the focus is sharper in the middle and the background is slightly blurred.

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But why should anything be blurry when for the last year nothing on my ps4 was blurry? Should that have been explained to people that play on ps4?

I’m on PC so prob can’t help, but have you checked your resolution settings?
Maybe re-calibrate your display?
Does your PS4 have plenty of memory?
Do you need a new HDMI?

If you have a smart TV maybe it rec’d an update that changed it’s display settings?


It was added in one of the last updates to have the eye focus stuff. Either the farming one or the glass one.

Was done in the lighting release

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Yes @majorvex boundless is on my 250g external hard drive. So plenty of storage or room. When I’m on next @FireAngelDth I’ll try shutting them everything off to check it. Just seemed weird to me that haven’t needed to for a year but now it’s like looking thru drunk goggles lmao

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