Boa Constrictor's Boundless Discoveries

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I figured I’d start sharing my discoveries here along with my method in identification such that submissions can be verified by others and added to @Stretchious I’m new so I may make mistakes. For creatures I’m using the Master Sheets as the icons I’ve seen elsewhere are just too small. I’m only adding things here that I don’t already see listed on the website.


Wildstock - Tier 5
Identified Via - Moose-like Antlers

Cuttletrunk - Tier 1
Identified Via - Size, Lack of Fin-Like Appendages Around Eye

Cuttletrunk - Tier 4
Identified Via - Side-Fin With Slits/Wrinkles(lesser tiers don’t have slits/wrinkles), Rear Appendages Around Tentacles (lesser tiers don’t have)


Spitter - Tier 5
Identified Via - Star on Tail (lesser tiers don’t have), Large Armor-Like Plates on Back


ok, I had some problems with identifying cuttletrunks levels - look at them two: same size and slower moves than the level 1 speed merchants, but dealing more damage (didnt manage to notice the difference between them - I think one deals 2k and the other 2,5k):

or am I mistaking same level for being 2 different ones?
anyway - they drop dark blood or oort however not too often (roughly every 5th at best)

I’d have to say the top one is a tier 4 due to the curled spike-like appendage towards the rear of the creature and on the left in the image. Bottom one I’d say tier 2 due to lack of curled spike-like appendage, but it might be on the back side or bottom in that picture. But, I’m anything but an expert Oort Zoologist. :wink:

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Zoortologist I’d say… :joy: