Board Games

As I mentioned on here, it would be very cool to have board games as a post-1.0 game addition, so here’s some suggestions for the future.

Let’s start with the obvious…

  1. Checkers. I’m sure everyone here has played checkers at some point, so it doesn’t really need much of an explanation. You move around the board and capture enemies by moving diagonally with each circle piece, one at a time. Your pieces can only move to the enemies’ side until they reach the edge. Then they become “Kinged” and can move any direction.

  2. Chess. One of the oldest and most popular board games. Similar to checkers, the goal is to strategically move your pieces and capture the enemies’ pieces. However, you must defend your king while trying to put the enemy king in a gridlock.

  3. Risk. Also a very popular board game. In this game of global domination, 2-6 players control their armies, defeating each other and defending their territory until there is one player left. It has a large element of strategy involved, both in the beginning of the game, and between turns; however, there is an element of chance involved as well, as many elements are determined by dice rolls. Although it is somewhat modernized, and based on the real world, it can easily be manipulated to fit the aesthetic and lore of Oort.

  4. Go (围棋). Personally, I have not played this one, but from what I do know, it involves great strategy and intelligence. Matches can either be very short or very long, depending on the skill of the players, and one game of it is never the same as the last, just like chess.

  5. You decide! What do you think would be cool to have as a board game within Oort Online in the future? Although I did not mention any card games, those are fair game, as well.


I have been thinking about something like this as well, i think risk might be a bit too over enthusiastic or rather too complicated? not sure. but i would be up for chess or checkers.

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Risk would absolutely be too complicated

I would love Go, but the problem is that you have to program all the rules into the game … may be it should be only placable blocks and fugures, so that you can play it by our own with a friend if both know the rules … just give us the blocks and mashes and we do the rest :wink:

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I’d like to have an or better more (cause you cant have enough of them) Pool tabels. on witch you can play like in GTA IV maybe. but yeah like an minigame, but yeah lets see.

5. Hnefatafl is a very actual for this idea.

6. And may be backgammon too.


Board games? .(o.O).
Good idea! A relaxing things to do if you’re got literally nothing else to do in Oort!

Do you really want it though? :grin:

Do you realllllllllly want it? Does it feel like it ties in with the Oort Online lore, characters and universe?

We could do that, or we could spend our time making new weapons, creatures, Titans, worlds, items, or totally new features (quests, NPCs, procedural dungeons, pets, whatever).


Nah we can make our own games with gleams and stuff :slight_smile:

We just need signs so we can write down what the dfferent gleams is in game.

Well, may be after 1.0, and like I said, only the meshes we may need (figures in different colors) and some blocks (but gleam allready is good for board building … may be there can be a “line” for stuff like the go board :wink: … Only the dice which may be cool can be a bit difficult, but if there is a /role command for the chat I can also go with that … May be /role x where x is the number of sides of the die … and/or /role ymx where y would be the number of dice rolled :wink:

wait. so you say that you are going to make NPCs?

No, I said we could do a number of things instead of adding chess :wink:

Chess is really complicated thats true, but what about Pool Billiards? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm what about “Oort Shards & Titans”? Something like Dungeons & Dragons only with your Figures and own Tabels :smiley: But based on D&D Gameplay or maybe your own ^^ Oh yeah… so many things COULD be added, the list is endless :stuck_out_tongue:

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But this is exactly what modding is for. Allowing players to add experimental or new features that aren’t main stream enough for the original game.

If you’re keen on adding board games to Oort - then have crack once the modding support is out.


Have you guys considered making the best mods official? say if somebody mods a boardgame that works, would you then be up for adding it to the game?


  1. Some mod developers may want to keep control over their creations.
  2. Some might be happy to have it rolled into the game.

Maybe the important issue is just making it:

  1. Really simple to maintain and update mods.
  2. Really simple for players to discover and enable mods.

If we can do these - maybe there is little need to merge mods into the game?


but arent the official servers and servers with mods going to be kept apart, i plan on only playing on the official. but there might be an epic mod that would be a shame not to have.

In which case - yes - we would need to bless mods or roll them into the game.

Would be awesome, i hope you will add a notebook to the game, a sort of menu you can make pop up that looks like a book and you can write in it, saving pages. i know this is something that seems kinda useless, but alot of people enjoy taking notes, would also make for awesome stories to tell if somebody decides to become a travelling writer.

i would personally use it for things i have to remember or to write recipes down in. this is something i would have to download as an addon on the side when you guys allow that though if you dont have the time to do it, which i fully understand.

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