Bomb mining?

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Is Bomb mining dead?

Who bomb mines now? As Steggs mentioned they were looking into some data showing that bomb mining was so great it had to be Nerf. Now that we finally moved and progressed into actively forging everything in signt, hammers bring tons of resources. But what happened to bomb mining? Was the Nerf even called for when the universe was brand new with many bugs needed to be fix around mining, where folks were still getting into forging and that system was so new?

What do you all think? Should bomb mining be reverted back to what it use to be?

Here are some polls just for fun.

  • Keep bomb mining as it is now(no XP, no resources)
  • Revert bomb mining back(no XP but you get resources)
  • Make bomb might like hammers(XP, and all drops)

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I also want to see what it looks like now. Who is actually still using bombs to mine?

  • Yes I still mine with bombs
  • No I don’t mine with bombs

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Im not currently mining with bombs but would like it back. I see no issue with them dropping resources either. Only maybe the max radius should be kept in check.

Im using bombs at hunts tho both healing and dmg ones. I enjoy knocking wildstock off mountains with them.


Yeah that’s all they are use for now. Maybe that is the original intent to be use as a weapon/healing/utility (Regen bombs) rather than for mining.

I’m gonna say something that more than a few ppl might not like.

When I think of bombs, pure damage comes to mind. And bomb mining, I think of how it’s used in real bomb mining–carefully, and selectively. Bc you might need some big rocks cleared out, but you hit those diamonds and kiss your payload good bye.
And yes, I realize this is a game, but it seems like the only logical thing. Can’t just throw those suckers all around willy nilly.
So I’d prefer an option like you gain xp (Bc you learn from experience what to do) but get no items that are hit.

As far as using… I say yes, but very, very sparingly, like to clear a room.

(Crud, read wrong, thought it said use bombs, not mine with them. XD I derped that. Will change later if it lets me)


I only use bombs to mine when I can’t find the resources I’m looking for around in caves. So I just pick a few random blocks and knock in three of them, toss a bomb and hope for resources to expose themselves

Edit: changed typo “there” to “three”

Mining with bombs was probably the only thing that made sense next to just blowing things up. Healing bombs make No sense. Regen bombs make no sense. Bombs are severely underpowered next to slings and fists so they aren’t even good weapons unless you’re on a low tier planet and that’s a waste of time once you’ve levelled enough to hunt t5 and t6 world’s so bombs don’t scale well either. You can get them to do a lot of damage still (10k/12k) but you blow a massive hole in the ground just to kill 1 to 3 enemies, all while you create a super dangerous battleground than what some already are.

On a solo hunt you can Regen the world but you’re going to spend much more resource and time to get the same results as using better, non desttructive gear, and on a group hunt you’re likely going to be focused on staying alive opposed to what the meteorites life is, leading to someone accidentally regenning the meteorites as they are completed - thus spawning the reward box deep underground on occasion and wasting your time and resources yet again.

I’m not saying bombs shouldn’t Regen or heal either, I’m saying making them so you can’t gather resources easier makes even less sense.

Especially when a bomb miner for t5/t6 world’s couldn’t hammer mine as well as a fully specced hammer miner, because being a bomb miner needed a specific skill set itself.

But bombs were easier progression than making hammers so they neutered them in order to spark using hammers for mining as initially intended. And now people realized that hammers are far better than old bombs and bombs aren’t even a viable option anymore…unless you don’t care about getting a significantly better yield in the same time using the proper tools


I never bombed mined, nor would I should they fix it.

Bomb mining is a nerf that I feel was 100% uncalled for. especially to the degree they nerfed it. If they were going to nerf bomb mining, they should have just made crafting bombs harder to do if they were that concerned about it being to cheap. but to nearly 100% suppress it is to much. They removed a whole style of game play with that.

Also while we are on the topic of bombs, Healing bombs should NOT be the primary way of healing other players in this game, it is annoying at best, when the way the devs coded this game for some reason, makes it so there is a modest chance the heal will not go thru even if you hit the target. Healing bombs just honestly feel like the devs were to lazy/didn’t have the time or were incapable, of putting in a correct healing system to be brutally honest.


+1, was my gameplay style for mining, now i mine on necessity instead of enjoying it.


I would love for another vote option, that last week of mining before the last bomb patch.
No xp from destroyed items,
No drops from destroyed items,
Bombs respect seam strength and don’t blow up everything at the same time.

Even with forging, this last bit (i dont mind if they shrink the viable damage window to be ridiculously tiny) means you would still need a lot of skill/patience/planning to spec it just right so you crack rock but dont destroy seams.

I felt this was a fun balance where bombing wasnt an xp mine, you didnt score a metric ton of rock per minute, but it rewarded you for planning well (and punished the ores if you didnt). I hope regen has been adjusted to the point where bombing wouldnt ruin the system anymore

Edit- it would also be hilarious to see a bomb miner accidentally switch to regen bombs and launch out of the planet… with accompanying censored verbal responses of course

Its really an ironic they remove bomb mining because they felt its too overpower.
They can stand with the current hammer mining instead of the old bomb mining.
Right now the meta hammer mining you can get at least 1800 gems / hour.
The old bomb mining with the 7m bomb you can only get 700 - 1000 gems / hour.

I will say if they bring the nerf version bomb mining back, they need to nerf the hammer mining as well.
It doesn’t make sense at any point that you don’t nerft the most powerful way players current use to get gems, instead call the second powerful way “not balanced”.

If they choose to keep the current hammer mining meta, then i feel no harm to bring the “exactly same version” of bomb mining back. The current hammer mining will still allow players to get 2x resources than bomb mining. But it provide us other option to avoid rocks. At least i don’t need that much rocks to level up my characters.

Unless devs really don’t feel bomb is designed for mining, then nothing wrong about it. It’s still their game.
But if they used the “balance” as main reason to “remove” bomb mining from the game, its really doesn’t make any sense to me.

Again bomb mining is not “nerf”, its completely remove from the game.
Base on current meta, when you can use Aoe 9 blocks hammers to crazy gathering gems, why you need to use bomb to get 100 - 150 gems / hour lol. (+ you will destroy almost 80% of the resources for fun)

Yeah i know we can still use bomb to mine, but it will be looks dumb as we use Axe to mine. If you only see the result, maybe aoe 9 block max damage axe can give us better result lol.

Basically you really don’t call it a “nerf”. It’s already a meta get removed by devs.


I was really looking forward to bomb mining but started Boundless as a 100% noob and didn’t make there it in time so missed out completely. Instantly made the game feel like Minecraft only less fun. But then a friend showed me where I could trade a few thousand glass for an AoE hammer, and the game was enjoyable again. Would still like to be able to bomb mine but bomb mining has been drawn and quartered into multiple dimensions, then chopped into tiny pieces and thrown into the sewers.

Never understood why there was such despise towards bomb mining in the first place. But I guess some people lay awake at night, tossing and turning, punching their pillow at the thought of some other guy having thousands of gems…

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