Bomb Warz and Hurtminton -- PVP mini games

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Hi everyone,

Today i present you my two pvp minigames!!


This game is a friendly (you need to friend someone to grapple him) grapple match to the death on a slimy badminton court with a net of lava between the two players. The survivor wins the match. (or first burn)

Grappling the ceiling and side walls is against the rules, crawling is permitted.
Rules can be modified if both participants agree to it before the match

Best played with an audience that can revive and heal :wink:
Revive potions and augments are conviniently placed all around the Hurtminton court

Bomb Warz

My lastest mini game, Bomb Warz can acommodate up to 4 participants in the current arena (version 2 to come soon)

The goal is to be the last survivor, both players throw bombs at each other on a 8 block deep arena with a pond of lava under it.

Unforged gem bombs are perfect for the stage as it is located on a t1 and most will clear a reasonnable amount of blocs (forged AOE bomb make for a too short match)

no grappling the ceiliing or walls of the arena is permitted until the match ends.

The playing field is unplotted so can be regened at will for the next game.

Both these games are located in my Hunt Lobby, in Sasquatchville on Alder

Accessible trough the Hunt Hive, TNT Mega Hub, Hubbit Network, PS hub, Ultima, Duskmoor and many others.


where exactly is it ? cant find… is there a name to the portal

its in the Hunt lobby, in the Sasquatchville hub, im around there I can help you find it,
left of the tnt megahub portal on the picture above

edit : added a sign to direct towards the bomb warz arena

ok headed there now thanks

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As someone who’s tested both, I’m personally a fan of Hurtminton. I also tested Bomb Warz before the arena was finished. :joy:

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