Bombhammers for everyone!


This is essentially what the OP is proposing are issues with AOE mining. Assuming that your response wasn’t rhetorical.


Just one man’s opinion but I categorically disagree with every point that was highlighted there and I like it just as it is.


All I can say is that I need lots of mats for my building endeavors. I need sooo much clay, ash, stone, just for bricks alone not to mention all the other things i need in mass.
However I do see merit in a compromise here. perhaps one could forge an item to be slotted? once an augment was added to the slotted item it would override the other forged effects until it was used up?
I would quite enjoy having both.


I do like this part of the game. The grind is horrendous for me if this is taken away. Myself and ALOT of other players I know have careers, kids and family duties that don’t allow more than alittle over an hour of game play per day. For a lot of us removing this part of the game could add days to do something that use to take an hour. I can say I think a lot of us in that situation may loose interest if that was to take place. I have spent money on gleam club and bought plots but I’m reluctant to renew and spend more if this becomes more of a grind.

The way I see it, It’s a sandbox, it’s either you choose to use it or not. There is no PvP, I don’t have any advantage or effects to your game play by having this as an option.

So I’m sorry but I really don’t understand how this is a problem for you? Why not leave it and add more options. I really am tired of loosing things. On the AOE perspective I have not seen one valid reason that convinces me that it needs to be taken out or my game play will be better for it.

That’s just my perspective on it. I really don’t mean to offend, I just want to understand why a few perceive this as an issue when so many are for it.


I hate to be blunt and all but this is really at its core a terrible idea. AOE isn’t just for mining. It’s used regularly on all of the tools. Builders use it to gather wood, foliage, dirt, gravel, sand, mud, AND stones. This would add grind to a game that is already arguably too grindy.

^ I agree with those two points


I will say this about the idea proposed in this thread: at least it was an attempt to add more fun into the game and bring back something close to what we had for bomb mining. Although the straight removal of AoE boons would be a negative to the game.

Fun is what we should asking for in a video game. Not stuff that makes it feel like it’s an actual day job.

Heck I don’t even like the leveling in this game and think it will generate more XP gain nerfs in the future that are considered “exploits” when they really aren’t. Same goes for AOE tools contributing to it as well.

Ask for more fun stuff. That’s what we need so the boring and grindy stuff is more fun.


Yup. I couldn’t agree more. I like the whole process the way it’s set up and I think it works just fine.

The only potentially ‘disruptive’ byproduct of AoE mining I see is the lag created by thousands of pieces of “trash” lying on the ground. Some miners rip thru rock and hammers like water just aiming for resources and leave a wake of destruction that can create terrible lag. Personally, I don’t mine like that so typically it doesn’t affect me. I need rock and filling up on it creates a nice stopping point for me to take a few minute break and return to camp to empty/organize my inventory.

With exo planets being a bit smaller and those type of miners concentrating on hot spots and exclusive resources only, it was most likely the primary blame for the exo-lag and constant crashing experienced by some. That’s all that really needs addressing in some form. While I’m usually all for “cutting the head from the snake,” I don’t believe removing AoE hammers is a viable solution here.


It’s just a really roundabout way to get rid of AoE tools. IMO the servers lag not because of the AoE tools but because it has to deal wih massive amounts of data all of a sudden. Sure, with AoE more data to process than without AoE BUT if it’s really about the data changes (and not the client’s lag while displaying the animations for them) than removing many blocks still will create the same amount of data to be processed.

What is being described tho, are basically two different things, at least that is how I assume how it is:

  1. server lag where the server has a hard time to keep track of all the changes made to the world
  2. client lag while trying to animate all the swirling rocks that are being left behind.

removing AoE tools means 1) is still going to happen, in fact, on large group hunts this is also very noticeable (of course 2) there is as well)…

All in all not the best idea IMO


Right. I’m not blaming the hammers; just an attempt to point out my interpretation of an issue that potentially birthed this topic idea in the first place. Perhaps lag was a poor choice of words?


I disagree with retiring AOE. I do not see a point in removing it, and replacing it with a more a complicated method.
And as others have said, they are not only used on hammers, but on other tools too.

We don’t need to nerf forging/grinding, any further.


If people took a second to gather the rock and drop it as a ss instead of just letting it float there it wouldn’t be as bad on the client side. Might help a little server side too. But for some reason 20 seconds is too long for some people to do that.


Wait I thought this is how everyone did do it? Wtf doesn’t do this? That explains so much why entire seams get left. Goofs can’t see the floor.

And you’re being generous with 20 seconds. It takes all of a menu click. I guess some might take some time so maybe 20 is fair :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup. A few smart stacks floating around is much better than over 9000 spinning objects in a concentrated area lol. It really does make a difference.


But if all this rock lying around caused server issues, would we not see lag when mining ? I never get lag mining.

But I don’t like the loose rock lying on the ground… OCD and can’t see the holes in the floor. I drop a smart stack and suck up the loose stuff. So perhaps that’s the reason I haven’t had issues. Plus my mining session is typically 1 Persisting pie long. So that may be another reason.


Problem with that is it retakes it 20 sec later and you are full again. Unless you move far away and drop it.


I only drop one at a time so I don’t get that issue since the rock laying there just goes into my inventory

Also on vandar at least I run into a lot of caves with lava far down so I drop all of it when I hit those.


Right, but it think the game should do it by itself, stacking the drops together.


That’s just pure speculation on my part. I was only speaking subjectively based on what I have experienced client side and what I’ve witnessed several times when mining near others who weren’t keeping their area “tidy.” I experienced that well more than once mining for rift on day one, sweeping up after others and finding entire seams they left underfoot. I have absolutely 0 idea how things work serverside; I’m not a developer or a programmer.

The only thing people should actually take from my post is that I am against retiring AoE tools. :grin:


Ahh cool, I got it! I will however join you on the picket lines to prevent losing my AOE! Best part of the game for me!! Keeps me playing!


I will add my vote to keep the AOE Boon as is. +1
I am a builder and it is sooo necessary. I buy the hammers. Without aoe I wouldn’t want to spend twice or thrice the time to make what already takes some time. In essence I would just leave.