Why are they so OP for mining?

Why use a hammer that takes 4 hits to mine 1 block when you could just throw
8 bombs to mine 150 blocks

“But muh durabiulity”
Bombs are cheaper than hammers.

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There has been quite a debate on this in other threads. But Some find they cost more than hammers, lower durability, but gain no material that make stones and refined or decorated rocks. Really only good for just some coal or metal or gems.

Hammer is 145 coins or less.

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Good point, but all the 150 block will broken, and you can get them, its a method only to mining faster, with the hammer you can get the blocks.

You get 0 drops from bombs. When you bomb mine, you’re combining the effectiveness of your bombs and your hammer. Of course the return will be higher than mining with just a single hammer, but the combined investment is more than double (nearly 3x even with just iron bombs, more if you’re using higher tier bombs) that of simply hammer mining alone.

I did the math: 1 bag of bombs with a break diameter of 5 (that’s only 125 cubic meters btw) will break 1547 blocks and yield 0 drops. if 500 resource nodes (a massive success rate of 1 out of every 3rd block broken being resources that survive!) then one iron hammer will be needed to break all of the exposed resources at 4 hits per resource. As we know, Rock typically takes half as many hits as resources do. that means 2 hammers would yield an area of 2000 blocks with all of the drops. If you factor in the same 1 in 3 success rate as I used in the bombs example (which is insanely high, mind you) then you’re getting an area of 1667 cleared (With drops for each rock broken) and 556 resource nodes. That’s just 2 hammers. In my view, Bomb mining is quick, but far less efficient when factoring cost and yield.


(, “but” the combined investment is more than double…)

without the but, almost sounds like your getting 3 times more.

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Thanks, I edited my response and did some maths.

Gem hammers can still be upgraded to 3x3 aoe and used to mine stone. Yes, bombs are OP, but not too much. I think their damage to blocks should be nerfed like by 50% because it’s little bit too easy to get ores, but beside that they’re fine.

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The original bomb was to hunt with. The devs didn’t care about us using them for blocks. But they did nerf them a little against blocks, because the bombs blew up so much in a meteor hunt, nothing was left but a giant hole, and all the animals lived. And no one was ever really healed until after when they all stood still.

Like my thread on healing, and the other hot topic thread on bombs, personally I don’t want them nerfed. If you like using them, use them. If not , don’t. Don’t be irritated if someone else uses them, or think they bested you, otherwise use them. I use a combination myself. I find they blow too much up and I like making and selling stones to all the people using stones to grind levels. Like real life bombs, there is advantages one way and consequence another.


I don’t understand why bomb mining gets so much hate. As it is bombs are a great tool for mining as they reveal a decent area (even better when forged) so why not just use them for mining instead of insisting they need to be worse than hammers.

Hammers are the tool to gather rock and a decent entry into mining ores.

Bombs are only good for revealing the location of ores.

They each serve their own purposes, so why not use the best combination of tools for the job?

Also keep in mind we are only working with the first 6 tiers of planets, once we get tier 7 and 8 planets bombs might be less viable there. Maybe the terrain makes bombs less effective, maybe higher health means more bombs need to be thrown leading to more crits and lost resources, maybe gem bombs will required pushing up the cost of bombs and making the durability difference a bigger issue.

Most comparisons I’ve seen are between unforged iron hammers and unforged (or forged) titanium bombs, so the comparison is already skewed.

TL/DR: Different tools for different jobs, why not use the best tool for the job?


Because one tool is considerably more useful than the other.

I think it also cheapens the experience, just massive craters in mountains.

There should be more focus on mining with caves, as opposed to just point-blank rock smashing for hours.

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Axes are more useful than hammers for harvesting wood, that’s a poor reason.

Axes were DESIGNED to be more useful at harvesting wood…

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Bombs were designed to clear rock faster than hammers.

And yet their original purpose is now being abused, which cheapens mining with hammers.

If bombs were designed for mining, you’d have’a point, but they weren’t, they’re being abused, and it’ll negatively affect mining and spelunking because content is going to have to be balanced for mining with bombs.

Then why mine with hammers? Just because it makes you feel good? I don’t see why that means bombs should be worse.

EDIT: Please don’t edit your posts after I’ve responded. If they were not intended to clear blocks they never would have done damage to them.

Because once someone finds an exploit that makes the game easier, they fight tooth n’ nail to try and keep it in the game. It should’a been patched the second it was found.

The problem is, it’s an abuse of game mechanics, and the game is going to have’to be balanced around bomb mining if they keep it in the game, which is just gonna detract from the depth of traditional minin’ and spelunking and cause all kinds of balance problems down the line. Not to mention the extra work it’ll take for devs who now have to consider bomb damage, bomb skills, and gem health/block health ratios as they design new planets.

Instead of making mining more fun, adding more cave and spelunking elements, they’ve split the design focus.

This doesn’t even begin to then cover that the original purpose of bombs, combat/healing, is going to be left’to wither, because dev time is gonna have to be focused on balancing around bomb mining, which is just gonna drag out feature development and polish for already existing mechanics like AOE heals.

Bomb mining is an exploit?

EDIT: Also the constant edits are incredibly annoying, if you’re going to edit please point out your edits.

EDIT 2: I think if bombs are not meant for how they are currently used they should never have done damage to blocks.

They’re very useful to builders too to clear out large areas if you can stand losing the resource.


Very much so, I used a gooD bit of bombs to clear out my giant hole in the ground.

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Yep me too, I’d be disappointed to lose them as an option!