Bone bone and more BONE!

Well if you can’t undestand what i mean… well i mean… Bone tools weapons, and armor. They aren’t even rare, they are something natural, in they way the are used even at today.

Well just for making sure of what i mean:

1- Bone handle, instead of Wood, bones. Think that epic titan or that hard as iron monster, well just use his bones for the handle :smiley:

2- Bone arrows, the same thing with the bone handle, but using aviar bones, wich are lighter but still strong.

3- Bone weapons and armor, bone plate armor, bone mail armor (just bones wired or sewn bettewn them or to a shirt or leather armor) they could be, in terms of armor, light, medium, and heavy. And for the weapons, well Monster Hunter saga does int pretty well, but same as before, titan and hard enemys, or even a cheap récipe for a fist weapon (like the one i have in my creations post) Skull and a handle with some leather stripes/wire (if needed XD only), just a cheap but effective puching weapon. It may not have so much durability, but if you can craft one of them with just killing am osnter, why not having it?

Well tell me your opinions. And don’t tell me this is creppy or anything, you will use leather and hide anyways ¬¬


I like it :smiley: Kinda like the necro armor in terraria.

But less necromancer/undead lord like XD and more well Primitive or “feral” thing.

Bones could also used to build tents :slight_smile:

Well they are used for that in the nomadic cultures XD don’t remove your post meanwhile i’m writing XDD

I didn’t mean to delete it :stuck_out_tongue:


But really i will be able to craft an exclusive weapon…
I want to craft or a bone two handed sword, makeable with anay bone or a punching weapon, makeable with any skull…

Of course its stats will depend on the kind of bone and skull XD

-Werff 2015
So far this has been your favorite face to make in almost all of your replies. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Not bad a bad thing.

but +1 to your idea! :ok_hand:

Bones to replace wood is a good idea but as a player who probably will not be fighting anything I like to have a basic wooden set up tools before I can purchase other better ones.

Thx, it’s my normal face, if i’m not eating popcorn XD

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Well its just one more option

hehheh, put a skull in your hand and you’ve got your very own boxing glove.

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also, bones would be very useful in desert worlds where you don’t have any wood to make stuff.

That idea and the other one you posted where my main ideas for suggesting this XD