Boon Removal Redux

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There are always a lot of RNG complaints when it comes to the Centra-Forge process, and some of the results you can get are a little silly (5 Effect Gums, 5 Trait Reduction Gums, Still get glow boon added), but with enough experience and a little finesse, you can work around those issues.

The ONE thing that never fails to ruin my night, is Boon Removal. How many times do I need to remove that Heavy Hitter boon, only to have it come right back once the points get re-rolled?

My suggestion is simple, have the Boon Removal effect add a slight prejudice against the boon removed, even a 5% one would do wonders, when deciding which boon to add back/add to on the re-roll. Maybe Boon Removal 2 could get a 10% prejudice. The point is, help us break the cycle of getting the same boon over and over again, losing 100 Vigour each time.

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I would personally go much further and make it 50% less chance each time.

I think 50% isn’t unreasonable, but I feel like even a slight finger on the scales would do wonders without taking away too much of the chaos.


Isn’t that what boon transmute is for?

It removes with no chance of a reroll.

Boon removal is simply that, it removes the last boon, with no other effect.

I’d suggest adding a mat that sits between removal and transmute, but not sure adding another ingredient is the way to go.

If boon removal was to act the way you wish, I strongly suspect it would end up being more expensive to make, either by more of the existing mats, or using rarer mats.

I’ve had re-rolls of the same boon when transmuting

I may have misunderstood how they work, I don’t use either!

To me the boon removal works as it should, remove the boon, add the boon points.

Boon transmute should change the boon, not reroll.


verb [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ]

UK /trænzˈmjuːt/ US /trænsˈmjuːt/ formal orspecialized

to change something completely,especially into something different andbetter:

If that’s not the case, transmute should be the thing to change, as it’s essentially ‘boon reroll’.

Boon Transmute does change it. If you have three effect boons that could happen, and you transmute, it could be the other two boons. If you then transmute it again, it has a chance to be the original boon or the other effect one.

The real issue is how expensive it is to make. It automatically makes the outcome nearly 10 times more expensive of a recipe off the bat.

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Yeah, and I’m not asking for a cheap version of Boon Trasnmute, I just want a slight improvement on preventing adding back the same boon.

Yep, this could have been the case with me, rather than the same one again immediately.

Yeah, I was explaining it more for the others lol.

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