I was trying to use the atlas to clear boori, but only shows blue, also fought bad dudes on meteor and after killing them the dots still glow red, and when trying to craft in a table stones it told me 10 seconds but never counted down. And when placing blocks in beacon they would disappear as though I didn’t place them, so I would have to keep replacing. I guess boori will have to wait for this player to go back. Sad face.

Boori can be rough depending on your connection, so you need anything from Boori? My group is currently stationed there and I’d be happy to collect supplies if you needed.

EDIT: When traveling between worlds keep in mind the region they are from Boori is a AUS world so between region differences + connection can make it rough.
I reccomend in settings turning on your connection ping in top right corner.

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Thank you, I have what I need from boori. I just have to still fill the atlas but Thank you for the offer.

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