Bootcamp Performance Test

Hey there! I recently installed Windows 10 on my Macbook in Bootcamp to see if there would be any sort of performance boost in Boundless over OSX. I thought I would share my findings here incase anyone considers it in the future.

Turns out… nope! I did find the framerate to be more stable, but at a cost of about 2-3 FPS on the same graphic settings in OSX.

Windows: 22-25fps
OSX: 20-30fps

I found this interesting, as I was expecting Windows to have slightly better performance.
Now to decide whether an eGPU is worth $700…

My Macbook specs:
15" Mid-2014 Retina Pro
2.5Ghz Quad-core i7
Nvidia GT750m
Both trials tested in true 1920 x 1080 windowed and full screen (same results).


What MacBook model were you running?

Updated the OP! :slight_smile:

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What are your settings ? maybe the results differing - more - on different settings.

This isn’t so surprising, after all it’s the game same CPU + GPU. The only difference is really the graphics driver. The OS in general shouldn’t effect performance.

Games that do have a significant perf gap between Windows and OSX, are normally because they’ve used an emulation layer as a cheap (lazy?) way to port from Windows to OSX. However, Boundless has a native Windows and OSX implementation. That said, in general Windows graphics drivers do get more love than the OSX drivers - so there can be an edge.


This was why I thought about it in the first place.
Interesting though, thanks James!

Medium on everything, anti-aliasing turned off, everything else on.

Thanks, i see … i need to get a better GPU :frowning: